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Untouched's Dollz

Part 1

Welcome to my first doll page(part 1)..I'm here with my new layout.And this page is updated from now on!.
I hope you'll like it! Well..Here are my own dollz.
They are not all my dollz..Some of them were taken from different sites..And you can find their links in my MY LINKS page easily..I recommend you to look at that page ,too ..Before judging me with stealing themm with no reason!! is that clear??..ok...
Now please, enjoy and take a look.
If you want any of them plz do NOT steal them just send me an email
or leave a response in my GUESTBOOK..





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All rights are reserved.This page is copyrighted by untouched . All the images , page graphics and all other stuff on the page were made by "untouched"...Please do NOT take any of them without persmission.If you want help about anything please email me...

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