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JoShUa ScOtT ChAsEz

JoShUa ScOtT ChAsEz


~*~JC Chasez's Biography~*~

Name: Johsua Scott Chasez(pronounced Sha-zay)

Band Name & Nick Names: JC , big daddy , shazam ,sleepy, Mr. Serious

Birth Date: August , 8th , 1976 (supposedly  at 12:15 PM)

Birth Place: Washington DC

Height : 5'11

Weight : 150-180lbs

Shoe Size : 11

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Age: 26

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

What Does he do?: Singer (if u dont know this it means that u live in Mars)

His car : jeep

Girlfriend's name: Emanuel..(i hate that gurl ,cuz she stole my man!)

Parents: Roy (father) , Karen (mother)

Sisters & Brothers: Heather , Tyler


..:: JC's Favorites / Likes / Dislikes ::..

Favorite Drink: water
Fav Food: Chinese , Pepperoni Pizza
Fav Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan
Favorite Movies: All Star Wars and Indiana Jones Series
Fav Musicians: Sting, Stevie Wonder, Seal
Favorite *N sync Song: he's undecided.he loves all nsync Songs
Fav author: Nicholas Sparks
Fav Color: Blue , orange
Fav Holiday: Christmas
Fave babe: Naomi Campbell, Michelle Pfieffer
Fave Spice Girl: Mel B
Collects: Hard Rock Cafe Menus
Scared Of: Needles
Fav Theme Park Ride: Tower of Terror at Disney World
Interesting Fact: Former member of MMC
Fav Football Team: Washington Redskins (GO SKINS!!)
Bad habit: talking on the phone late at night and chewing his nails
Fav TV Shows: X-Files and South Park
Musical influences: Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder,Michael Jackson, Sting, and Harry Connick, Jr.  (1994)
Best Childhood Memory : Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) , "Playing hide `n' seek and hiding in the laundry room in the clean laundry pile. It smelled and felt so good."
Best Buddies: *N sync
J.C. likes: in-line skating, movies, animals (he said in 1994 that it he weren't acting, he'd be doing something with animals.)
J.C. dislikes: liars
You may not know that: J.C. eats food so fast that he barely has time to chew it


..:: JC's SPECIALS & PAST ::..

Past experiences:  "Emerald Cove" (1993) TV Series .... Clarence "Wipeout" Adams; MMC In Concert  (1993)  (TV); J.C. sang and acted on The New Mickey Mouse Club  (MMC)
What's J.C. like ? (from 1994):  J.C. says he tries "to be really different. I just try to have my opinions and stuff. Also, I've noticed I'm a perfectionist. I try to be more perfect than I could ever be, and that's something I have to work on."
JC's motto:  "Treat people the way you want to be treated," which his dad drilled into him. "If you respect someone else, they're going to respect you. If you don't..."
J.C. & Girls: He's supposed to be shy & quiet. He likes girls with outgoing personalities.


..:: JC's Hobbies / Fears / Quotes ::..

Hobbies: playing football and basketball, rooting for the Washington Red Skins, singing, dancing,  writing music, karate & swimming ,sleeping
Fears: Needles! When their album went double platinum in Canada,  Lance, Justin, Chris, & Joey  got 'N SYNC tattoos on their ankles but J.C. didn't because of the pain factor.
J.C. is proudest of: his hair
J.C. is least proud of: his arms and his chest because he says they are too skinny
§ "I usually keep a stuffed animal from a show to sleep on while we're traveling."
§"I don't like judging people by their physical appearences. To me, inner values are more important."
§"A Girl who is secure is attractive. Too many people walk around ashamed and unsure about how they feel about how they look. They are so wrapped up in how they look, that they don't take the time to enjoy what's going on around them.."



..:: Some Important Points You May NOT Know About JC Chasez ::..

He had his ear pierced when he was 13
He picks wildflowers for his lady love? is that for real?
he loves the smell of gasoline, although he knows it's not healthy to inhale it
ooh.. he admits he cheated on girlfreinds!! shame on you!!! (is that for real?) he likes a bizzare fruit smoothie with Strawberries and wheatgrass juice
He likes wearing pink shirts but hates being teased for it
He loves vintage cars and hopes to buy an old Cadillac or T-Bird convertable
He's pretty paranoid. He tends to really stress about how many records 'N Sync's selling and what people think and all that.
JC does dance in front of the mirror quite a lot and he makes crazy faces at himself
The first thing that JC notices about a girl are "Her eyes . . . and her lips."
JC doesn't have many baby pictures ; most of them were burned in a fire at his family's home in Bowie, Maryland
If JC could change anything about himself that would be his stubbornness.
Jc misses his own bed mostly when he's on road!
JC sleeps with a stuffed animal everynight ( sweet!)
JC wears a necklace with his sign on it- a lion cos he's a Leo! And he never takes it off!(woow.I want that necklace!)
Jc loves singing in the shower.(we all do ha? and i would love to here his voice!LOL)
JC takes a yo-yo with him on the road and can do many tricks
Jc says sth about the band: "If we make a mistake on stage, I'm the one who says, 'Let's really work on that.' But that's because I see the potential of this group," says JC, 27. "You know, when it's on, it's so on, and once you see it, you want nothing else."
It's too bad JC is so busy traveling around the world with the guys these days. He seems to be suffering from a severe case of puppy love!

Jc is not able to remember his dreams mostly.He tells us one of his memory bout this: "I probably remember one out of 15 dreams," JC Chasez, 27, figures. "It isn't that many. Some of my friends they say they can remember one every night, but I'm just like, 'How?" Perhaps "I Want You Back" warbler JC just has so much going on in his active brain - lyrics, dance moves and what-have-you - that it's harder for him to focus on the dreamy details more so than it would be for, say, his relaxed buddies back home. Also, many people go through periods where they are able to remember a dream each night for several days in a row and then suddenly nothing will come to them for months at a time. So, JC, don't feel bad, you are dreaming, you're just going through a dream detail drought right now.
JC wears at night for bed..a pair of Calvin Klein pajamas. (On tour) Before he crawls into his bunk, JC throws those bad boys on and he's out cold.
JC says love starts with trust, it starts with honesty and important..patience, because the guys are everywhere.  
JC is a pretty heavy sleeper and at times, he talks in his sleep. He confesses of once having an entire conversation with his sister while away in dreamland.

In an interview, JC was asked if he were sometimes haunted by nightmares. JC responds, "Uh, I probably had nightmares when I was like 5. You know when you have those kiddie nightmares..with like the monsters and whatnot. No, I don't have nightmares. I just dread those. I'm actually afraid of needles, so the guys kinda tease me a lot, but I don't have nightmares about that."
JC was asked the question, "What would you like to do without being followed by fans"? JC says, "Um, just do a little eating. You know, its kind of tough to talk to people while you're eating. That's about the only thing
Here's a description of what JC would do if you were on a date with him... "If I'm into a girl, I'll take her on romantic dates to see plays. I've even been known to serenade a girl with a song written especially for her." (awww..i really love him for himself.he's such a hottie and so romantic.)
JC's mother characterizes him as "young at heart." He does a lot of playing in the yard in the neighborhood, throwing the ball in the street, practicing his handsprings in the yard even though he's in his twenties!
JC has always been a workaholic. Once he goes into something, he dives into it with both feet
The first song that JC ever performed before an audience was Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting for You."
His first crush ever was on 'Princess Leia' from Star Wars
JC was especially thrilled with the first single from the album, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" because he and Justin both wrote it. They're pretty excited about it

"Sailing" is JC's father's favorite song! "I always heard this song growing up," JC said. "It was my father's favorite song."
In the *N SYNC crew, JC is the guy who keeps things together! "He's the Daddy of the group," explains Chris. "He's the one who is always like, 'I don't think we should go to this party tonight. We have a photo shoot tomorrow, we should stay in and get some rest.' He really takes care of us. He babies us."  
According to JC ,the best thing about being in a band is the friendship.He says that "having people around you is so nice.So you're never lonely."


Let JC tell you about a memory of his one of scary days! ( I just dont like needles too.But i am not afraid of them like!)

It's the perfect time to ask JC to 'fess up his fears and share what scares him. Here's what JC Chasez had to say. When it comes to scaring JC, there's just one thing in the world that turns his knees to Jell-o. "Man, I'll tell you, I'm terrified of needles," JC says with a shudder. In fact, JC was majorly upset when he found out that he and his groupmates had to get three shots before traveling to South Africa for a concert not too long ago. "I was freaking out," he admits. JC put off going to the doctor's office to get shots for a week before his four groupmates finally dragged him there. "[The nurse] came into the room and I thought it was shot time," he says sheepishly. "She broke out this thing, and I didn't know what it was. I thought it was the shot, so I just yelled and ran out the door. The other guys started laughing so hard. They were like, 'Come back, it's just the ear thermometer! I was so humiliated. But needles invading your body, I don't like it!"

WHY I LOVE JC THAT MUCH ? ( He Rocks My World )

I wanna write this part colorful..Because this colors describe my love to him.ýt's so alive and colorful like those..It's so cute and soft like them.It's so deep and strong.Ty to see it in my sentences.I can see my love when I look at this page!

The words are not enough to tell you how I love him and why! First of all as all of you know that he2s such a hottie.So handsome , hot , romantic , lovely , careful , thoughtful and more...
In fact lots of things started with small things.Then when i opened up my eyes again ,i was in love with him with no turning back!!
I love the way he smiles to the people around him.
I love the way he treats to his fans , i love the way he looks at your face and his lookings with meaningful big blue eyes! They always shine!......................................................................................................
..........You wanna learn more..About WHY I LOVE HIM THAT MUCH...Just click



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