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Pairtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na h-Éireann

IRSP Derry

For National Liberation & Socialism!

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The Irish National Liberation Army were founded in December 1974 during a meeting in the Spa Hotel, County Dublin. 

They were formed to fight for the goals of a thirty two county Irish Workers' Republic. The founding leader of the INLA was Seamus Costello. He had been active in various IRA campaigns before leaving to set up both the IRSP and INLA. He saw that the Official IRA ceasefire of the time was leading to reformism within the movement. After arguing his point of view within that organisation for some time he failed to convince the leadership of the folly of their direction. He was then expelled. The INLA, the army of Ireland's working class, was then formed to fight for National Liberation and Socialism. The INLA have been on ceasefire since September 1998 but have stayed active in defence of working class communities, particularly in Belfast interface areas where loyalist gangsters are repeatedly launching various pogroms against innocent communities.

Brief Chronology of INLA history

  • 1974 Dec: INLA formed in Dublin

  • 1975 Various attacks launched on INLA and IRSP members by OIRA. PLA formed to defend IRSP members from attack

  • 1976 Special Category status revoked; Peace People founded; POW Ciarán Nugent (IRA) and Connolly Brady (INLA) begin "Blanket Protest"

  • 1977 Seamus Costello assassinated by OIRA
    1979 National H-Block/Armagh Committee founded. Airey Neave assassinated by INLA in car bomb attack in British Parliament.

  • 1980 Hunger strike in the H-Blocks and Armagh Prison

  • 1981 Hunger strike resumed after Britain failed to institute the agreed-upon five demands resulting in the death of three INLA and seven IRA prisoners of war

  • 1982 Northern Ireland Assembly elections. INLA bomb Ballykelly disco killing 11 British occupation forces.

  • 1983 Nicky Kelly hunger strike protesting against wrongful conviction for Sallins train robbery

  • 1984 Dominic McGlinchey (INLA leader) becomes first person extradited from the 26 counties to the six counties; IRSP declares itself Marxist.

  • 1986 Sinn Fein drops abstensionism, Republican Sinn Fein founded; Congress '86 founded by ex-IRA prisoners

  • 1987 IPLO founded, attacks IRSP & INLA members. Ta Power and John O'Reilly amongst volunteers killed by counter revolutionary IPLO.

  • 1992 IPLO disbands after internal feud and attacks by IRA for drug dealing

  • 1994 PIRA ceasefire declared.

  • 1995 INLA weapons shipment uncovered on main Dublin to Belfast road. Three arrested. One, Hugh Torney, declares INLA ceasefire from dock against army rules.

  • 1996 Gino Gallagher, INLA leader, killed by drug dealers acting for Hugh Torney. INLA retaliate killing Torney and his gang members.

  • 1997 INLA inmates kill leading loyalist, Billy Wright, in Long Kesh prison during daring daylight attack.

  • 1998 INLA declares ceasefire in September

  • Present: INLA are currently active in defence of vulnerable nationalist communities in so called interface areas of Belfast and has taken action against drug dealers.