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Pairtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na h-Éireann

IRSP Derry

For National Liberation & Socialism!

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I.R.S.P. members held two demonstrations against the former leader of world capitalism when he visited Derry on Wednesday 23rd May 2001. During Clinton's address to the assembled crowd in Derry's Guildhall Square the IRSP heckled him throughout forcing him to cut short his address. This was embarrassing for him and for the others on the stage welcoming him to Derry. Provisional Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams could not hide his embarrassment at what befell Clinton. The purpose of the protest was to highlight the ongoing death fast in Turkish prisons being carried out as a response to state repression. The IRSP held banners and posters highlighting the Death Fast in Turkey against the introduction of F-Type prisons.

Incidentally, the former US president, who is said to be almost bankrupt, received approximately £100,000.00 for appearing in Derry.

Q. Who pays this?
A. The working class ratepayers of Derry of course!

RE: No welcome for Clinton in Derry!
Derry Irish Republican Socialist Party  condemned the arrival of Former U.S President Bill Clinton to Derry by stating: "Today's actions, the IRSP protests in Guildhall Square and outside Magee University, have been in solidarity with our comrades imprisoned in Turkey who are dying this very moment on hunger strike, in a struggle against the F-Type prisons where they are being held.  The regime in that country is funded military and propped up economically, by E.U member states, such as the 26 County administration, but most importantly the U.S who have hundreds of military bases.

"If people in this country have to be reminded that U.S imperialism isn't the wholesome Walt Disney picture it likes to paint itself as, then the IRSP will do just that by actively opposing such a visit, just as we have done today. The U.S is a fascist power that views itself as some form of global policeman subjecting many countries and their inhabitants to inhuman levels of brutality through direct and indirect wars, economic sanctions and environmental destruction.

IRSP statement concluded by stating "The IRSP along with other socialists took to the streets of Derry to object at the return of Bill Clinton to our city. It absolutely sickening in the extreme to have witnessed the type of encouragement given to such a figurehead and what he still represents. The Irish Republican Socialist Party completely reject such a stunt, a showcase that was fully supported by a list of so-called dignitaries. We have nothing to be thankful for with Bill Clinton or any of his political allies, as they have proven time and time again to be the enemies of our class both in Ireland and in Turkey as elsewhere."


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