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Posted by: "James J. D."   jade_iconoclast

Sun May 20, 2007 12:04 pm (PST)

A hundred years ago, many Bible statements would seem unbelieveable, even nuts, that make perfect sense today. Isiaiah 34:4 describes what can only be black hole type objects, for example. com "time warps" & get famous physicists confirming time warps within the EM field of large enough planets, of which the barrier is global reversal of polarity events.
Dr Haugland of http://www.enterpri semission. com in his briefing to the UN video, shows that the main sunspot region is at 19.5 latitude; the great Jupiter storm spot vortex is also at 19.5 (disrupted by the 1994 impacts). The Bermuda triangle also includes 19.5 latitude.
Dr Haugland notes the redundant use of angles of 19.5 in ancient pyramid structures, the English sites, & the 5 sided pyramid on Mars. Whoever built them was into what he calls "hyperdimensional physics".
Isaiah 19:19 speaks of an altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, & a pillar to the Lord. The obelisk to the sun god Ra now stands in St Peters' square in Rome.
The "sons of God" in Genesis 6:2-4 arrive to mate with people here. In Job 38:6-7, the "sons of God" are those who laid the "cornerstone" (pyramid), & established civilization.
Ruins near 3000 ft deep were found by Russian oceanographer Zelitsky. Ruins at 13,300 ft high in Peru are buried in ocean deposit; proving a cataclysm during habitation, as the Bible says. Pyramids have been found underwater & underground.
See mysteries. com about the laser cut walls of Sacsayhuaman Peru at 12,000 ft up that conquistadors called "work of the devil". See blocks weighing about 750 tons moved through steep terrain there. See the Baalbek monoliths, in Lebanon, weighing up to 2000 tons. I saw an attempt to move 2 ton blocks on tv, trying to prove savages did the pyramid at Giza, but they struggled with 2 ton blocks immensely. An over 70 ton block is in the pyramid at Giza.
The Complete Books of Charles Fort collected historic reports of anomalous events; An entire regiment of Aussies at the battle of Galipoli Turkey vanished in a wierd haze, with a thousand witnesses at least.
In the late 1500s, a Spanish soldier on guard in Manila suddenly found himself in Mexico city square, charged with witchcraft. It took months by ship to verify his story.
Reports of fish, etc., falling from the sky during storms can be explained by EM flux warps.
In Genesis, Enoch is "translated" , vanished instantly. In the apocryphal book "Paul and Thecla", Thecla vanishes as she was about to be raped and killed by those hostile to the faith.
The wicked can also vanish, according to Isaiah 29:5-7, & Deuteronomy 29:20, & possibly Matt 13:49-50. A "rapture" is theoretically possible now also.
I know a molecular physicist who worked on gov EM flux experiments. He has a wide scar on his hip from leaning against a cadillac during a flux transition, and his skin was joined to the metal.
In the "Philadelphia Experiment" movie, sailors are caught in the deck; because of the different electrical field of bodies and metal at sort of different speeds during flux transitions.
In 1992 was an anomalous storm in north Seattle, with bright boltless flashes of colored lightning, red or green, and a mighty wind blew towards the flash zone. I immediately called "doc", the physicist, knowing he'd have answers. He explained that the flashes are static electrical discharges when material comes or goes through a warp, a.k.a., "wormhole". The wind was due to different air pressures at each end of the wormhole.
Then local news asked the public to help track an Icelandic reindeer loose in north Seattle, though none were missing anywhere. 2 days later, they caught it and scraped the dirt from between the hooves & confirmed it really was from Iceland (appearing in a flash).
Ancient "gods" sometimes appeared in flashes of lightning, they say.
On the road to Damascus, Paul was blinded by a flash of light, then the Lord spoke to him, converting a pro killer of Christians into a saint.
It's now theoretically possible for the Lord to be there at the beginning, & here in the end, & born over 2000 years ago, & appearing occassionally in between.
2 Thess 1:7 says the Lord arrives "with his mighty angels". UFOs have been filmed repeatedly vanishing instantly in "warp-outs". http://www.ufoevide & http://www.ufonasa. com
Amos Ori of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology is now developing a time travel device.
"String theory" physicists now have a consensus about there being 16 dimensions in all.
In Daniel 5:5, a hand without a visible body wrote on the wall of the king a riddle. That's extradimensionality , or interdimensionalty.
Job saw a blur without clear shape in 4:15-16, and his hair stood up, and a voice spoke to him from the blur. A nearby wormhole would make hair stand up from static electricity.
Openings, or "windows in the sky" are in Malachi 3:10 & 2 Kings 7:19 KJV or 4 Kings other versions.
2 Corinthians 12:2 speaks of "such a one caught up unto the third heaven". One heaven is the sky, another spiritual, & the third; dimensional?
EM fluxes have black hole type properties, but without the crushing "singularity" melting what falls in; it's therefore a "bottomless pit" as in Rev 9, through which comes angels and Apollyon and the locust-like army of men.
A wormhole left open forms an air coil vortex (like the Jupiter storm spot), causing a steady funnel, sucking in clouds, as in the P.E. movie.
"Behold, a whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury, a CONTINUING whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked"-Jeremiah 30:23. "and the heavens DEPARTED as a scroll when it is rolled together"-Rev 6:14 & Isaiah 34:4.
When there's a global reversal of polarity, all that was "caught up" in the warp dimension will be dropped at once..."and the sea gave up the dead which WERE in IT"-Rev 20:13.
The most unbelieveable statements of the Bible are now theoretically possible entirely. In 1 generation, the Bible went from unbelieveable to...the twilight zone.