I am NOT bringing into question the teachings of Asket, Semjase, and other "Pleiadeans", however I DO have issues with SOME of what Billy Meier has said, especially concerning his Talmud of Jimmanuel, which is essentially a blatant plagiarism (and distortion) of the New Testament of the Holy Bible, yet it tends to replace Almighty God with the "human spirit", as if the collective spirit of humanity constitute "God".

This "talmud" would also have us to believe that Jesus was the son of the archangel Gabriel, who according to this "talmud of jimmanuel" impregnated Mary.

Also, this so-called "talmud" tends to condemn Israel as the source of all of the world's wars, crime, and other evils. I wonder if Meier had been influenced by the "Ironsky" Nazi Space Fleet? OR possibly influenced by star systems that DO have some form of alliance with the "nordic" Nazi "fourth reich", like the large star Aldebaran which is somewhat close to the Pleiades open-cluster!?

Are SOME of those in the massive "Pleiadean" federation (which many of the Swaruu have expressed their disappointment or distrust of) allies of those in Aldebaran, who in turn are allies of the Nazi Antarctica / lunar Nazi space fleet!?

I TRUST the Swaruu people, but as for Billy Meier himself and his "talmud", I think that SOME of the ideas in this ancient(?) text are (as my junior high school teacher was so fond of sarcastically saying)... "Bovine Defication"!