Below is a posting that I placed on the Swaruu Facebookj Page, for your info...

I am a 'sleeper' agent of US intelligence, or in other words I have been programmed with an 'alter' (alternate personality - by the reptilian greys), which NOW works with deep-level intelligence agencies in underground bases along with (benevolent) human-like aliens, some of whom are about 12 ft. tall.

I live in the western Rockies of Utah, and from childhood me and many of my siblings (I am from a large family) were victims of grey alien abductions, but I/we were 'rescued' by benevolent extra-terrestrials/sub-terrestrials, who deprogrammed my 'alter' and programmed it to work for THEM.

I have been subconsciously 'fed' MUCH information that has led me in my research, and since I do not have conscious access to my 'alter' (I am right-handed left-brain focused and HE is left-handed right-brain dominant), I have no CONSCIOUS recollections of my alien experiences in outer space, the inner earth, and in other dimensions.

All of my research is contained in the following links page ... note: Angelfire is a free web server that is supported by pop-up adds. These are just adds, NOT malware or spyware, so please try to bear with them...

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One of the links deals with ancient human-like aliens living beneath California...

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so I wonder if the Swaruu are familiar with them, since they have a connection to VEGA (Lyra). Or as the late contactee Jefferson Souza revealed... In...

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we read: "...The gentle VEGANS and the business-like UMMITES (also descended from Lyra) taught Souza more than he could ever imagine about technology and life on all planets. He was transported aboard a spaceship by LIGHT... Although Jefferson Souza claims to have encountered the Ummo People in landed craft, the Vegans are the ones who allowed him to travel on their craft most often. It was also the Vegans who showed him the MASSIVE basing complex below Death Valley, which contained chambers miles in diameter and numerous compartmentalized sectors which had been adapted to meet the gravitational, atmospheric and environmental needs of the various Federation world representatives who use the base as a way-station for their operations on earth."

One last thing, I understand that Yazhi / Sophia is very interested in timelines and time travel. Here is my own time travel page which I think you will find very interesting

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If by any chance Sophia / Yazhi would be interested in creating an article or video, specifically concerning hers and the Swaruunian perspective on TIME, I would be more than willing to link it to my time travel web page. -