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”In 1990, researcher Val Valerian released a peculiar document which was sent to him by another researcher. The document is actually a list of several military personnel.

However, the strange thing about this document was the title-heading.Some researchers believe that within the deepest levels of the government is an on-going ‘covert space program’ utilizing some very remarkable aerospace and propulsion technologies. However, the very nature of this program, the clandestine (and possibly illegal) means by which it is funded, as well as the possible means by which they came across this ‘technology’, has apparently led the ‘Secret’ Government into keeping these activities one of the world’s top secrets, and apparently they have enforced this cover-up, as John Lear says, with ‘deadly force’. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the secrecy, according to some, is that SOME groups within the secret government have allegedly — in the face of ‘superior alien technology’ — ‘surrendered’ to a malevolent alien race and have become their ‘agents’ on earth.

Is it also possible — as many researchers and prominent military, government and industrial personnel are actually confirming — that the ‘secret government’ is utilizing this advanced super-technology (which they have hidden from the public) to carry out a clandestine space program involving not only manned FLIGHTS to the moon, but also manned BASES on the moon and, some claim, even Mars as well? There appears to be enough mounting evidence to cause the public to at least consider the possibility of these claims. Actually, if one carefully examines all of the various claims and how they merge together in synchronicity, and if one studies the various theories and arguments concerning Einstein’s ‘unified field’ theory and the apparent underlying connection between electromagnetism, gravity waves, and other ‘unified field’ forces, such a scenario involving a fleet of top secret government antigravity craft would not be outside the realm of possibility.

The document referred to above contains in the title heading both the terms ‘Starfleet International‘ and ‘United Federated Planets’. Why would such a statement appear on a MILITARY document? Could it be that, although perhaps somewhat presumptuously, a secret group of ‘astronauts’ constantly travel back and forth from ultra-secret bases on or below the earth, the moon, and mars; and have in anticipation of an ever-growing interplanetary network named this organization ‘Starfleet International’ and/or the ‘United Federated Planets’?

Val Valerian gives the following ‘introduction’ and story behind the document:

“…Researcher George Andrews forwarded this puzzle to us. From the introduction, it might seem that this thing was complete bunk. There it might have stayed, except that WE TRACED 11 PEOPLE ON THE LIST TO ACTUALLY BEING IN THE MILITARY. What does it mean?”

The following introduction is given by George Andrews:

“A friend who wishes to remain anonymous, who lives in a large city, recently woke about 3 A.M. with a strong but apparently irrational impulse to get dressed and to go to an all- night photostat place. As she was entering, she noticed a man dressed in a Navy officers uniform who was just leaving, who threw some papers into the trash barrel near the door. She made her copies and was about to leave and had another impulse to retrieve what the Navy officer had thrown away. She came up with these pages. Under normal circumstances, the news that the United States Navy has a flying disk named the U.S.S. Excalibur (and U.S.S. Concord? – Branton), operated by a crew of four, would be cause for celebration… however (unless) this achievement is the result of the collaboration of the ‘Greys’…”

Andrews goes on to suggest that they might, because of their collaboration with the ‘Greys’, be forced to take part in offensive attacks against the ‘Blonds’, who have allegedly had ancient conflicts with the Greys.

The introduction goes on to state that those names which appear with an (x), are people who have actually been traced to the military. Take special note of names like Ferguson, Caskey, Taylor, Burrall, Stevens, and Miller — which are repeated more than once throughout the list. Possible signs of Nepotism?

George Andrews suspects that ‘Starfleet International’ consists of human-military personnel only, while the ‘United Federated Planets’ may somehow tie-in with the non-human entities’ such as the ‘Serpent Race’ or the ‘Greys’. However, Andrews’ theory that THIS particular Governmental establishment has collaborated with the Grays is yet to be confirmed.

download (13)There is a possibility that the UFP involves interaction with the ‘Federated’ human cultures in this small corner of the galaxy. Let us hope that this is the case, IF the following information is true. There is evidence in fact that certain ‘Constituted Government’ officials (who are loyal to the American- Constitutional ‘Republic’) — as confirmed by Guy Kirkwood and others — have secret ‘alliances’ with the ‘Nordics’; wheres the ‘Secret Government’ collaborators (who are loyal to the Bavarian- Roman ‘Empire’) tend to collaborate with the reptiloid Grays, etc. Below is a reproduction of the document:

                          UNITED  FEDERATED  PLANETS
                            STARFLEET  INTERNATIONAL
                             U.S.S. CONCORD  NCC-1989
                                       CREW ROSTER


COL. MIKE FERGUSON (SFC ST./MC)     JUNE 1990*@     SCMC-8901-0002
LT. LAURA FERGUSON (SFC)                     JUNE 1990@       SCM-8901-0007
LCDR. HARLAN STEVENS (SFC)                SEP. 1989@         SCSS-8906.23
ENS. REBECCA BURAND (SFC)                  SEP. 1989@         SCS-8902-0004
MAJ. MIKE WEST (SFC STAFF/MC)         UFP ONLY            SCMC-8901-0004
LT. KATRINA CASKEY (SFC)                       NOV.
1989@         SCE-8906-0005
2LT. BOB BURRALL (SFMC)                        NOV.
1989@        SCMC-8906-0003

CMDR. BOB TOMPKINS (SFC)                    DEC. 1989@         SCE-8906-0002   
SGM. RAY CHAMBERS (SFMC)                   DEC. 1989@         SCMC-8903-0008 (x)
ENS. RON CASKEY (SFC)                          JAN. 1990@          SCSY-0906-0005
LT. DEBRA MCCLARY (SFC)                    JAN.
1990@          SCSS-8906-0004 (x)

MSG. IVAN GOODMAN (SFMC)              JAN. 1990@          SCMC-8904-0001
1990@          SCM-8906-0011  (x)

MDSM. PHILIPPE BEAUDETTE (SFC)  JAN. 1990@          SCM-8906-0009
A-ENS. EVERETT NEW (SFC)                  FEB. 1990@          SCE-8906-0007
MSG. JOHN HIGGINS (SFMC)                 FEB.
1990@          SCMC-8906-0010 (x)

WO3. DOUG TAYLOR (SFMC)                  MAR. 1990@        SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
CS. ROSE TAYLOR (SFC)                           MAR. 1990@         SCS-8906-0012
SP1. AMANDA TAYLOR (SFC)                   MAR. 1990@        SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
A-ENS. KELLY MADDOX (SFC)                MAR. 1990@        SCSS-8906-0008
RADM. ANNE MILLER (SFC STAFF)       MAY 1990*@       SMC-8901-0006  (x)
LTJG. SHAREN BURRALL (SFC)              MAY 1990@         SCSS-8906-0014
WO4. CHUCK GRAHAM (SFMC)              MAY 1990@         SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
PO1. DEAN KING (SFC)                               MAY 1990@         SCO-0906-0015  (x)
PO. CHUCK STEVENS (SFC)                      MAY 1990@         SCE-0906-0015
SP1 WILLIE STEVENS (SFC)                      MAY 1990@         SCE-8906-0017
LTJG. JASON MARRS (SFC)                      JUN 1990@          SCO-8906-0018
JAMES CABANISS (SFC)                UFP ONLY           SCS-8908-0004
TERRY MILLER (SFC)                        UFP ONLY           SCS-8908-0004  (x)

WO. DEANNA WINSLETT (SFC)               UFP ONLY           SCM-8907-0005
RICHARD PARKER (SFMC)              UFP ONLY           SCMC-8907-0004 (x)

WO. STEVE WILKES (SFC)                         UFP ONLY      
LT. RUSSELL NATES (SFC)                        UFP ONLY           SCSS-8908-0006
SHELLEY SAVAGE                              UFP ONLY            SCM-8907-0006

CPL. CHUCK FAIR                                        UFP ONLY            SCMC-8908-0005
CPL. JON PLANT                                           UFP ONLY            SCMC-8908-0007
WO. KARREN SULLIVAN                           OCT 1990@          SCC-14522-12
KELLY SPANGLER                              OCT 1990              SCC-14508-12

JANET KELLEY                                     SCC-        
CPL. MARCUS MALONE                           UFP ONLY             SCMC-            
ALEN SHERWOOD                            UFP ONLY             SCO-8908.02

CS. KAHUNA KITE                                      UFP ONLY             SCE-8908-0003
SPEC. VINCENT LIN                                  UFP ONLY              SCE-8906.23
WO. GLEN LOWE                                       UFP ONLY              SCM-8907-0002
MIKE WIER                                      UFP ONLY              SCMC-         


(Note: In the original document, 4 of the above names were indicated as being members of the crew of the ‘U.S.S. EXCALIBUR’)… SOURCE:  PEA Research (105 Serra Way., Ste. 176., Milpitas, CA. 95035)   Also see: