Welcome to my "world"...

I was born in the western Rockies in September of 1960, and realized early in life that there was something strange going on with my large family... something called "generational abductions".

We would often go on camping vacations in the wilderness of southern Utah, and following those times I would have strange "dreams" of having encounters with other beings, not of this world! (Note: The percentage of people claiming to have some sort of abduction or alien encounter is much more common than most people realize.)

These "dreams" implied that this world is at the epicenter of an omniversal cosmic conflict between pro-life-force human-like beings throughout the universe(s) who had their origins in earth's distant past, AND human-oid but NOT human reptilian-like entities that are part of an anti-life vibration, many of which exist secretly among us.

I learned that we are living in a world of ILLUSION, and that because of this we are dying, spiritually... and the ONLY way to escape this spiritual death-trap is to SEEK and RECIEVE the DIVINE LIFE-BLOOD-TRANSFUSION from Calvary that the King of Kings, the Messiah, The Living Word (or Logos) of God, Jesus, offers us. Calvary is the exact epicenter of this entire omniversal WAR between good/life and evil/death.

This is the ONLY way to break free from the ILLUSORY MATRIX that we find ourselves in.

My personal life has been at the center of this battle, by no choice of my own. Both "sides" in this "war" have tried to push me over to THEIR side (agenda). Although I have won and lost many battles both without and within, I am determined to choose the LIGHT over the DARKNESS, and by God's grace allow the Creator to show me how EMPTY I am WITHOUT HIM! It seems hard to understand, but God's power is perfected in our (ACKNOWLEDGED) human weaknesses, just as a stream of water flows best through an EMPTY pipe that is free from obstructions.

What our Creator showed me was incredible... HE showed me the NEXUS point, the "crack" in the cosmic ILLUSION through which we may ESCAPE the Matrix and see and observe this Omniverse for what it REALLY is !

So... like Morpheus said to Neo in the MATRIX movie, are you READY to see BEYOND THE ILLUSION!?

If so, then you may be ready to Enter the NEXUS... https://www.angelfire.com/space/branton/signature.html

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