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16 Birthday Candles

My 16th Birthday was on the 2nd July 2003, here are my 16 birthday candles, (they are in no specific order) and I’ve ‘given’ them to everyone important in my life…..

Candle #1
For Mum, Dad and Seb
My first candle is for my mum, my dad and little brother Seb. Thanks to all three for being there for me all the time and loving me even when I do the stupidest of things. You always listen to me when I want to talk and always help me….thanks Mum for sitting down with me and helping with my school work when I am really stuck. Thanks Seb for being a complete pain in the a** sometimes, I love you for it…..really!! Thanks Dad for sending me to Hong Kong and to Outward I really appreciate it even if you think I don’t. You three deserve this first birthday candle of mine.

Candle #2
For Gill and Amrie
As you know, you guys are 2 of my bestest ever friends, we’ve known each other for so long now and I can’t believe that this chapter in our lives is over, only two more years to go. I will always remember everything we ever did, especially that crazy sleep over last summer with Gill ending up in the bucket of water with a scuba mask on. We’ve shared some of the nicest memories, Fano, Heidelberg, skiving German lessons…lets make the most of our last two years..i love you both! Gill – I just want u to remember all the embarassing tapes I have of you..teehee especially the lovely broomstick dance from fano – these memories have been caught on film – and we’ll be able to laugh at them for years to come!Amrie – ur guitar tunes are forever stuck in my head!

Candle #3
For Nikki and Cami
Again, you two are definitely another two of my bestest ever friends. Cami I’ve known you from the beginning and me and you will always share those fab memories of being in the sharks group with Ben and Jonathan when we were just 6 years old with Mr. Peters….since then we’ve remained friends and suffered economics classes together, but that’s not all of course! Thanks so much for always caring and being there to help! Nikki – even though this is only the 3rd year we know each other its seems like we’ve known each other much longer you are the one and only ‘listener of the year’ how many hours have you and me spent chatting through the early hours of the morning…you are ALWAYS there to listen and I really appreciate that…thank you.

Candle #4
For Jewlie and Rose
Jewlies and Rosie….i luv u guys to bits u are the funniest and friendliest girlies around (again 2 of my bestest friends…this is beginning to sound very very repetitive!) I’m giving you one of my birthday candles cuz Rose, without you, I would never have passed German, or french for that matter! You are the cleverest person around but of course not a geek…ur crazy girl and forever will be u brighten up the classroom! Jewls and Rose – we will forever dislike dr. Evil!!! Teeheehee! Jewlie…I will always think of you as the dancing, butterfly pink crazy girlie…we share the love of shopping and many other things! I will always rememeber Cardiff that was a great holiday especially u and liv squishing me on that fair ride!!! Thanks to both of you..and stay sweet! xx

Candle #5
For Laura and my twin Becca
Can’t believe that nearly 11 years ago we were just starting year one with Mr. Peters …. And here we are, still in the same school, same class, living in the same towns, life just doesn’t change! Becca u will always be ma lovely twin sister (even though we aren’t even related) and u know I love u to bits even though we don’t always hang out together! Laura..Friday afternoon bus rides are always looked forward to, especially when we spend the whole time gossiping and chatting, you are always there to tell me the exact truth (even if I don’t sumtimes wanna hear it!) but it all turns out good in the end – thanks for always being honest! Ur a lovely girlie my hard drive…or am I hard drive? Floppy disk then…oh dammit I can’t remember. By the way ur handprint still isn’t on my wall!

Candle #6
For Johanna, Ellinor and Emelie
The three swedish blondies…you guys have all come and gone from Varese, and are now all back in Sveeeden, but you’ve definitely left your marks here in varese…I will never forget any of you. Johanna keep in touch darls…ur the email queen I hope I can come and see you again soon or you have to come here, that holiday I had in Stockholm 3 years ago was fab thanks so much! I miss having our phone talks like we used to have when u lives in Varese!! Ellinor ur the queen, I luv u to bits and u too I hope to see you asap…cuz its been too long girl! You guys are always there for me even though u live so far away, thanks for listening to all my blabber by emails…Emelie, come to varese soon! Even though we weren’t the best of mates whilst you were here its nice to keep in touch with you and I’m happy you’re happy over there in Sveeeden, be good emme ;) I love u all xx

Candle #7
For Tom
Tom – you already know what I think of you so I’m just gonna keep this short. Without you I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to when I come to the lonely old town of Pury End! Thanks for being such a good friend and always caring and being there for me, I know we’ll stay friends for years to come. All the memories of the stupid things we’ve gotten up to, the best one being the sign post hanging up in my room ;) Tom – smile : ) cuz I’m always thinking of you.

Candle #8
For Juju and Cat
My fellow girlies, Fano wouldn’t have been the same without you, I’m so glad you came, I’ve got so many good memories from that week away! Juju I hope you’re doing good in Brussels in the one and only european school over there, I hope to see you soon sumtime. Cat, I hope all goes well for your new school in Dorset, I’m sure you’ll have a blast and make tons of new mates! Never forget our lovely sing-a-longs in 5th year with mr. Peters and also the Fano singsongs, Julia – whenever I hear Savage Garden it reminds me of you! And Cat – the imprint of you and your obsession with the broom is forever plastered into my head!

Candle #9
For Lizzie, Rossie and Louise
To the 3 english beauties, whenever I come to the UK – I ALWAYS get to see you. Rossie and Lizzie I can’t believe it is nearly 3 years ago our families met in Club Med in Greece, and we’re still in contact! We’ve spent many summers together having fun and just being crazy of course, always remember the weird moustache man in Greece! You two are crazy, loony and off your trolleys but I love u for it! Louise – shit we’ve known each other nearly since we were babies I can’t believe it and we’ve spent so much time together even though I live here in Italy – this past summer has been the best Outward Bound with you was amazing thanks for listening and giving advice those 2 weeks, and then of course the famous V2003 weezy that rules and u are so funny when u drink coffee!!!! I wish you the best of luck in your new school! Luv ya lots!!

Candle #10
For Jena
Jen, you’re one of the only people from Taiwan I properly keep in touch with, It was nice spending my 16th birthday with you and your family and everyone else there in Hong Kong I had the most amazing holiday thanks for everything you did for me I take back some really good memories from it! I hope we keep in contact and write long long letters like usual – you’re so good at giving advice. You’re funny, loud and crazy – u crack me up? Raspberry nipple ice-cream is our ice-cream oki? Be good girlie…and say hello to the lovely hong kong for me! Luv ya xx

Candle #11
For Emmelyn and Juliet
Ma dutchie friends…..i’ve known you 2 ever since we started third language german nearly 4 years ago! Herr. Drabke was definitely the devil! Juliet and emmie ur the kewlest! Juliet – u are the one and only famous person who first introduced me to building my website – you should feel very honored!! Thanks for helping me so much! Also juliet without u I would never have lived through religion classes..argh!! Emmelyn – ‘Wo ist das Baby?’ – need I say anymore? I hope we become better friends this year cuz I missed you last year : ( Ur emails whilst I was in Hong Kong kept me alive! Teehee… know what I mean! Big kiss!!

Candle #12
For Katie and Hannah
Now both of you have left me here in Italy – I can’t believe it!! Hannah where have you been? I really hope I hear from you soon cuz I miss you and I’d like to know how u are! Hannah ur the loveliest orange banana I have ever met – and I don’t think I’ll ever meet one again – you’re totally original and I will never forget u farting on my video! Katie – you’ve only just left and I hope you’re having the bestest time in england with all the lovely english lads..teehee I will never forget me and u sitting on the lilos in my pool sewing – how weird were we?? Keep in touch!!

Candle #13
For my family: Grannie, Big-Pa, Auntie Rose, Uncle Robin, Auntie Toni, Uncle Peter, Sarah, Ian, Harry, Jake, Polly, my Godmother Louise, my family in Germany (Tante Hanni, Uncle Werner, Sybille, Tante Lenny) and Grandma and Grandpa and Nana who are unfortunately not with us anymore.
You are the bestest family anyone culd ever wish for and I wish I could see you all more often! Thanks for always making me laugh and keeping me company! Harry, Jake and Polly I love you three to bits ur the sweetest little kids on the planet! You all mean loads to me and I love u all to bits : ).

Candle #14
For the lads of the class: Ben, Winston, Hugo, Jonnie, Stefan and Emil
I’ve known most of you since I was about 6 years old!!! Ben and Jonathan will never forget u two licking each others toes and making us loose points in 1st year primary – that picture is fixed in my mind forever! Stefan and Winston thanks so much for helping me the past year in physics – I would have done it without u! Emil – u were my fellow big band partner but now ur not in it anymore, I’m so annoyed!! I hope we get to get a band together this year! Hugo – we still have 2 more years of Art together – and I hope you can cope with me teehe…I know we’ll have loads of deep conversations – am looking forward to it all! Winston – ur hamster faces are hilarious!

Candle #15
For Jenny, Vicky, Char, and James K.
For you 4 who I met at PGL years ago, I’m so happy that I am still in contact with you, wish I could see you more often but unfortunately its not really possible! Vicky – sharing that tent with u in france was so hilarious – I will never forget all the stupid things we did, and it was nice to see you briefly last summer! Jenny – I haven’t seen u for ages and ages and maybe one day we’ll get to meet up again!.,…I’ll always remember u swapping boyfriends with Annzie..that was hilarious! Char – so sorry we couldn’t meet up this summer – we WILL meet up soon ok? JK u know I luv ya to bits and I luv chatting to you hope we keep in touch and get to meet up before u dissapear away to asia you lucky thing!!!!

Candle #16
For Andreas H., Andreas E., Matina, Yuan, Tasha, Adam, Alex, Amy, Brennan, David, Sophie, Angela, Jerome, Frederik, Holly, Eve, Cathy, Corey, Oliver, Simon, Laura, Patrick, Charly, Andrea, Kate, Drew, Samantha and all those other people I rarely get to see.
This candle is for everyone else I haven’t mentioned above, all the people I rarely get to see or speak to, and only hear from once in a while – you all still play a part in my life and I hope I never lose contact with any of you! Stay Smiling!! x

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