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         I am not a writer but would like to try to express my admiration for all infantry soldiers. I was one myself many years ago. The hardships we had to endure just to do what was asked of us was hard. I was one of the lucky ones in the infantry. I got off line early because the veins in my legs were bursting from walking in all that mud. Many were the day that we threw caution to the wind and walked the dikes even though we knew that they were more likely to be booby-trapped. It was because we were so tired from walking in the paddies all day.

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        When I got off line I went to the road runners platoon also known as the gun jeeps. That is where I spent the remaining time I had to serve in Vietnam. The gun jeeps were much safer than being on line. We got to sleep in a bunk each night and ate in the mess hall all the time. We even got to go to a PX at times. We never had to eat those famous ham and lima beans Cs.

       The gun jeeps would sometimes have to lead a convoy of straight leg grunts out so far so they could start a night mission into the boonies. I can remember feeling so sorry for them knowing what they were going through. It would be pouring down rain at times and I knew they would have to do the best they could to get some sleep that night.

        I said earlier I was lucky I only went through about 6 months of being a leg. Most of my time in Vietnam was spent just hoping that I would make that freedom bird ride home to the real world.

        "It is a nasty job but someone has to do it,"  must have been coined for the infantry. Unless they walked in Infantry boots no one could ever know what they went through. I decided to make this site with the help of a friend to just say thanks.

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