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Great Gifts for Anyone who has ever said
"My Feet are Killing Me"
"I'm Stressed Out"

Also consider giving Dad the Info on how to
get gas and groceries for less than 1940 prices seen Below


Limit 2 Free Samples for Postage and Handling per address


Becasue PayPal Does not recognize free for postage and Handling ITEMS
I must put .01 in the Item Cost
Shipping and handling is $4.98
so the total is $4.99
PLUS a Free BONUS ( SEE Below )

( has been seen on TV for $12.99 Plus $2.99 P&h * ( Before the postal rates went up )

Limited time ONLY FREE for P&H OF $4.99 each Foot Eze ordered

Not ONLY for dads


ANY ONE who has ever said
"My feet are Killing me"
"I'm Stressed Out"
will love using this hands free innovation

Support the Troops

Send these to Any Soldier

Give them to working women
and Moms to be for baby shower gifts or for party favorsat Baby Showers
Offer them to seniors citiziens you know
Handicapped People will also benefit from this Hands FREE - No Bending Device

Leave you favorite waitress one for a tip and
see your service improve even More



Use it on a tile on the the floor of rec room - office or barracks

Use it as a Hand Held / Pumice Stone - Massager

Place it on wall at foot of tub


View this montage created at One True Media
Watch Our Demo Vid of this great Hands Free Foot Care Device


What this Device Does
Ignore the price in the video
You pay JUST $4.99 EACH

FREE for P&H

~ We're Happy Feet ~ We've been using Foot Eze for over 15 years ~

The Foot Eze was packaged by Adult Handicapped Workshops
By participating in this offer and buying these
You provided jobs for them



Please watch this video and Visit the site to help keep my pages on the Net.

It IS THE TV commercials which ran for the Foot EZE ~ MY FOOT CARE INVENTION


The Foot-Eze is better than anything seen on TV lately Because it is
an Easier to use NO Bending / No Strecthing / Hands Free Personal Care Device:


No Metal Grate to cause irritation
The abrasive Pad is made from Safe Silica Graphite

The Hands Free FootEze

* Eliminates the need for Bending & Stretching *
Removes odor causing dead skin & unsightly painful callouses
Stimulates Circulation to feet and legs
Invigorates Sore Tired Achy Feet
Exfoliates Dry Itchy skin
Leaves Feet Fresh - Attractive and Tingling
* Relaxes muscles & relieves STRESS and tension *
the user feels better ALL OVER !!!
through the fundemantals of Reflexology Foot Massage

Use it while working or relaxing

The Foot EZE Mounts with suction cups to any smooth surface
Any Tile floor - Barracks, Shower
Office ~ Rec Room
Wall @ foot of tub
use it as a Hand held held pumice stone / foot massager

Remember the premise and basis of Reflexology Foot Massage is =
"If YOUR Feet Feel Good ~ YOU Feel Good ALL OVER !!!

This unique innovation may provide a more stress free life for the user

Podiatrist Approved



Becasue PayPal Does not recognize free for postage and Handling ITEMS
I must put .01 in the Item Cost
Shipping and handling is $4.98
so the total is $4.99

Limit 8 FREE for P&H units per order

Each purchaser gets a Reflexology Foot Schematic

Podiatrist Approved

Patent for sale Inquire

email me


I know you have found everything on my pages to be on the level
This next offer is too
Even though it seems to be
"Too Good To Be True" - It IS TRUE
Can you afford to NOT Take the chance ?
You can get UP to $1250.00 per household from a Major Bank
while paying unbelieveble low prices for gas, groceries and other purchases

You can share it with others
Its like giving each of them $1250.00 too

Read what those who have it say then ACT

This offer too has a Military Veterans Wives and Families Discount

Click HERE

View this montage created at One True Media
Bill's Interview with JB Cloud KBCY

- Will M Tomsk

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- Will M Tomsk

Bill Tomsk Cape Coral Ft Myers Florida Parma Ohio