This class is designed for daily driven street legal diesel trucks with OEM turbo
1. Weight Class: 8,500lb. Diesel Trucks only

2. Driver must have valid state issued Drivers License. Vehicle must be Street Legal, have a current State Inspection sticker and License plate. NO DEALER TAGS. Vehicle must be in the same physical condition as at the time it was inspected for current highway use. Registration card and License plate must match.

3. All General Rules Apply

4. All contestants at every event must sign a release and entry form, understanding they are competing at their own risk and that they will not bring suit against Officials, Employees, Promoter and/or Property Owner. By signing the release and entry forms you agree to all rules set forth and warrant that your vehicle meets all requirements for this class.

5. Engine must be compression ignition engine factory produced for 1 ton or smaller Diesel pick up truck. Engine swap between manufacturers is prohibited. Must run original O.E.M. Intake manifold. Aftermarket programmers and Chips are allowed. Aftermarket air to air intercoolers are allowed.

6. Turbocharger must be in original location and must be an unmodified O.E.M. Turbo for the specific year Engine/Truck being used as intended by the manufacturer. No aftermarket Turbos, no ball bearing Turbos, no mounting plate adapters or plumbing changes for high output Turbos will be allowed in this class. (if you bought your turbo from anyone but your vehicle dealer you probably belong in a higher class. If you have changed the turbo wheel, bearings, any internal parts from O.E.M., you DO belong in a higher class). Turbocharger inlet size will be checked at the Tech inspectors discretion. Turbocharger inlet hose MUST be removed for measuring by Tech Official at any time requested or vehicle will be disqualified. Unmodified twin turbochargers are permitted if they are O.E.M. For that year, make and model truck. All rules will be enforced to the best of our ability in the limited time available.

7. Added weights for pulling and drag racing must be mounted and secured in the bed of the truck. Front mounted weights are not allowed, front bumpers must be O.E.M., lower brackets for snow plow frames are permitted, no modifications that add weight are permitted. All trucks must be weighed before class begins. No aftermarket heavy front bumpers are permitted.

8. Fuel must be #1 / #2 Diesel fuel only. Soy/Bio diesel fuel is permitted. No other combustible material (nitrous, propane, etc) may be injected into the turbocharger or any part of the air intake system. Water injection is not permitted. All Nitrous, Propane and water injection systems must be removed from vehicle.

9. The fuel injection pump is limited to 1 stock appearing O.E.M. pump for the the specific engine/truck being used. Aftermarket supply pumps are not allowed. No fuel tanks, fuel lines or batteries allowed in cab of truck unless factory installed.

10. All vehicles must have a 4 wheel hydraulic brake system in good working condition.

11. Headlights can not be removed for air duct lines.

12. Hitch must be a “Receiver” style hitch. Reinforcements are permitted but are not allowed forward of the center line of rear axle. The hooking point must be the rear most point of the vehicle. Hitch point can not exceed 26 inches before, during or after the pull. Hitch must be horizontal to the ground and stationary in all directions. Hooking point must have a minimum 3.0 inch x 3.75 inch opening for sled hook (3.75 inch being front to back of hitch point). No trick hitches will be allowed.

13. Vehicles must have O.E.M. Firewall and floor. Only holes allowed are those for brakes, clutch, transmission controls and wiring.

14. Wheels and tires must have D.O.T. Approved number on sidewall. No cutting, grooving, shaping or sharpening of tire tread is permitted. No studded tires or chains allowed.

15. All vehicles must have O.E.M. Working suspension front and rear, minimum 1 inch travel. Suspension may not be blocked solid. Bolt on traction bars are permitted. Air bag lines must be disconnected. Any truck with lift kit higher than 3 inches must have drive shaft loop and universal joint shields to cover the entire universal joint before competing in a sled pulling event.

16. Wheelbase and width of truck must be unaltered for the truck being used.

17. Truck and driveline being used (including front and rear axle, clutch, transmission, transfer case and driveshaft) must have been originally produced for diesel engine 1 ton or smaller pick up truck. Minimum. Wheelbase 130". Converted gas engine short wheelbase vehicles are not allowed

18. Engine and radiator must be in original location as intended by manufacturer.

19. Frame, body, hood, bed and fenders must meet O.E.M. Specifications. Flatbeds must be PA street legal, MD flatbed trucks must be MD State street legal. Beds must have full floor. All window glass must be in place. Doors and windows must function up and down. No Plexiglas windows.

20. Headers and open exhaust permitted. No headers through hood or fenders will be permitted. Exhaust must exit behind and above cab or under vehicle toward rear of vehicle. (No side exit exhaust toward spectators will be allowed unless factory installed)

21. All engine fans must be O.E.M. shrouded.

22. Laptop computers are allowed for data acquisition purposes only. They must be mounted out of reach of driver on passenger seat or passenger side floor of truck.

23. Track official will have the option to check computers for rule violations at any time during the events. Contests will be governed by track officials and competition director. ALL DECISIONS FINAL!

24. Verbal or physical abuse toward any track official will result in automatic disqualification and removal from the grounds of the event!