10,500LB. PRO FARM

1. Tires Maximum 24.5x32 Not over 38 inch. Top cut only

2. Wheel Base Maximum 114. Extended weight frames will be allowed. Total length of weight frame no more than 13 from the center rear axle.

3. All tractors can run an "A" pump or smaller size injection pump. One plunger per cylinder. 4. A single turbocharger is permitted. Turbo must be under hood. Turbocharger must have a restrictor plate inch thick with a hole no larger than 2.8 inches in diameter to be measured 2 inches from the compressor wheel blade. All air MUST go through 2.8 inch turbo restrictor plate. No oval or oblong shaped holes permitted. There must be only 1 turbo going through 1 pressure stage. No welding to the turbine housing will be allowed. Exhaust housing to be a T-4 series base.

5. Water injection and intercoolers are allowed

6. Diesel fuel only. No nitrous oxide, alcohol or propane.

7. All tractors must have a kill switch. Tractors must have a "dead man" throttle with only one (1) linkage allowed to the pump. Deadmans throttle must have at least 2 springs Disconnect switch must be tied in to the pump.

8. Any loose weights must be mounted securely. Any lost weights or parts results in a Disqualification.

9. Must have wide front end. Front tires must track within rear tires.

10. Electric fans. OEM fans must be shrouded.

11. Wheelie bars required. Bars must must be able to carry weight of tractor. Pads must be a minimum of 10 square inches with a maximum height of 10 inches from ground level.

12. Weight is 10,500 lbs. Maximum cubic inch is 540.

13. Scatter blanket or steel shroud required around clutch.

14. Fire extinguisher required on tractor.

15.All tractors must have SFI 47.1 spec. rollover protection (Roll Cage). Helmet and safety belts must be worn.