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MFSO March for Peace

October 2 2004

Mike Farrell introducing MFSO as they are given the 28th annual Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Human Rights Award. The award is given by the Institute for Policy Studies.

Janey and Janae building coffins at the Womens Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery

Before the Opening ceremony


MFSO members Judy, Ann and Elaine

Carly, Janey, Sabrina and Janae help carry the coffins at the head of the march

The Zappalas and Johnsons

Cindy and Casey

MFSO members Rafael and Dante Zappala, Lila Lipscomb, Bill Mitchell, Celeste Zappala, Cindy Sheehan and Al Zappala

Elaines sister, Lila, Elaine, Bill and Cindy

Nancy, Lila, Elaine, Bill, Cindy, Charley and Celeste

MFSO marchers

Michael Mitchell KIA 04/04/04

Casey Sheehan KIA 04/04/04

Arum Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

MFSO members

Charlie Richardson co-founder of MFSO

Al, Dante and Rafael Zappala as Celeste addresses the gathering. Celeste and Als son Sherwood Baker was KIA on 04/26/04

Our White House

I don't think this is what our founding fathers invisioned.

Elaine Johnson addresses the gathering as MFSO co-founder Nancy Lessin stands in support. Elaines son Darius Jennings was KIA 11/02/03

Michael Berg, father of Nicholas Berg


Iraq Veterans against the War

Lila Lipscomb speaks after inviting other MFSO members who have lost a loved one in this war to join her. Lila's son Michael Pederson was KIA on 04/02/03

Heading to the White House to deliver the names of the Fallen Heros

The "28" brave souls who crossed the barrier and were arrested. Among them were Bill Mitchell whose son was killed in Irag on 04/04/04 and Michael Berg whose son Nicholas was beheaded on 04/07/04 in Iraq.

Bill Mitchell reading the poem he wrote on a train in Germany on the day that was to be his sons wedding day

Bill being arrested

What can I say......

From top: Sabrina, Carly, Jane, Cindy, Janae and Me

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