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The memorial is in Whitman, Massachusetts. This memorial is dedicted to the men and women that have lost their lives in Iraq. When the war began, Chris Johnson first started to just dedicate the baseball games to the fallen soldiers but then the number kept rising and he wanted to do something more. For each soldier killed, there is a baseball dedicated with their name, rank and date of death written on the ball. Each ball is handwritten. And sometimes Chris cries when he has to make more baseballs. In the end, when the war is finally over, he is going to send the baseballs to the families, for them to keep. After the glass case was planted infront of the baseball field, strangers donated money to make it better. Many planted shrubs around the case, and I guess during the middle of a night, someone implated a stone walkway. The case in the beginning only had room for 900 balls, though they built more cases since it went over 900 deaths.

They have been putting this story on and off on ABC world news. My mom is hopeing that one of these days that People Magazine will put an article in about this memorial.

I am going back there on October 16, becaue the ball that I took of Casey and the others, including, Forrest Jostes, Johnson, Sgt. Utt, the sun gave a glare on the case since it was in the early morning, plus there was moisture built up. We are hoping that we are able to get a better, clearer, picture. I will send you one of Casey's ball next month, if it comes out good.

Love Kelsey

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