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Sonic Fan Games HeadQuarters- Backgrounds and Sprites

Sonic HeadQuarters- Tons of Sonic information Sonic/Nintendo Sprite comics and More

Sonic United- For ALL Your Sonic Team Needs

The Sonic Stadium- One of the largest Sonic communities

Sonic CulT- No-nonsense Sonic info

DioXaz's Leaf Forest Zone- Sprites, Backgrounds and More

BD Sprites- Sprite Sheets Overload and More

Ren's Comic Zone- Sprite Comics, Sprites and More

The Middle Ground- AkumaTh's Comics

The Video Game Museum- Video Games "R" Us

The Spriters Resource- Sprites For Every Occasion

The Mystical Forest Zone- Sprite Projects Galore

Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page- The Truth Of Sonic 2 Beta

Sprites Incorporated- Megaman Sprites and Backgrounds

Deekman's Domain- Comics and Sprites by Deekman

Munkki Dot Net- Rodent Race, PixelZ, Sprites and More

Ultimate Flash Sonic