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This is the first in my "New Sonic Adventures" series of Sprite Comics. Please be patient when viewing the pages as the pictures are large and take some time to load.

There are many pages to the "Battle For The Chaos Emeralds" comics, each page is displayed at full size so please be patient whilst navigating through my comics.

This marks the first in my "New Sonic Adventures", which I created as a life long fan of Sonic The Hedgehog. To celebrate the first release of this comic, I present the original "Battle For The Chaos Emeralds" comic and a re-vamped comic called The Emerald Edition, both with accompanying author commentary by me!

I hope you enjoy my Comic. Be Please take the time to Sign my Guestbook and browse other "New Sonic Adventures" comics!


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New Sonic Adventures comics are designed by me and based on the characters created by SEGA Sonic Team for entertainment purposes only. Credit to all those out there who ripped sprites and backgrounds used in my comics, especially to: Virus, Aaron The Wolf, Daniel Sidney, Ren "Foxx" Ramos, NelsonJ, Deekman, Mecha Espio, Fast Ashadonic, LouisTheBest_007, DP, Mo-Pete, Nils, SuperSonicHeroes, Dragon Goddess, Rogultgot, Ryu, DirtyDan, Zero Virus, Frohan, SASCH, Sotsu, EclipseCannon, Nick Wolfwood, Psyguy, Shazra, Iceflame, Rkanjar, Sauvageon, Kekun, Dioxaz, Supikouchi, Rlan, Supa Chao, Scott Prower, Brass, Bonzai, Pixel Zone, Rio The Speed Demon, Oshio, Super Chaos, Metallix (Sonic Classic), Mechachu, ZinDinTimeYum, Kidgohan, Arsenic, Kenji The Echidna, RoJ, Entrail, Spike The Dog, Wayne The Hedgehog, Greg McNeil, MechaSonic2, SpriteHQ, Zach "Zin" Furr, Akamay, Samuri, The Tru Blue, Meganu Bunny, Bacon, Grim, SaturnEchidna, Speedla, Nash The Mutt, Dax,, Thunder, Bendilian, Jen, Oppolo, Ice Dragon, Godzilla, Flare, Shadow333, Halo The Hedgehog, Decleinad, Rewd, TSGK, Shade, Leviathon-ran, Kuritshu (SonicNeo), Zekemajesticagent83, Solar6, Rad The Hedgehog, AkumaTH, Dave (Hypero) Edwards, Flacko The Funku Drawing Weasel, Mewten, Riokenn, Bakudon Storm, Tony, Asylum, Kamaki, Vilain_pabo, Blast The Lynx, Gimlao, Xashadowin, Bruss, Tanuke and any others not mentioned. Give Credit where it is due, Thank You. -SkSpAwN