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Again, same deal as before, just the extra title.


Our Prologue here is the most directly inspired from the original, using the same scenes lifted from the Remastered version to set up this final part. Notice how the narration boxes for this part are all light blue? In part one they were yellow, part two pink, part three light red and only the Prologue and Epilogue boxes were this blue colour. This was a Sonic Heroes/Tales Of Shadow trick I used t personalise each part a little better. Now, before I said the Little Planet backgrounds were too busy and bright, and they were but, also, if I had used those backgrounds, or similar ones, the continuity between the backgrounds seen in Tales of Shadow: Marooned would have been lost, so I spliced together these new backgrounds for this final part (stressed as being the Present) so we have the “classic” Aquatic Ruins ground, Collision Chaos Present trees and so forth, so it’s a lot less busy and in keeping enough with continuity. Omitted from Sonic’s recollection of events are the ghost” images I used to represent his memories, I just thought it’d look better without them this time.


Here is some extended dialogue for Eggman to explain a long running continuity problem that I accidentally repeated when Sonic disappeared in Part Two of the Remastered Saga: Why does Sonic vanish as if transported by the Time Stones when there were no Time Stones present? Well, Eggman’s been on the Little Planet since after his appearance in Part One and has managed to replicate some of the powers of the Time Stones and use it with his technology to home in on Sonic’s communication device (a good way to re-reference it considering we never see it beyond this Saga) and teleport Sonic here similar to travel through the time stream. That makes me happy. What also makes me happy? Sonic somersaulting and destroying the Roboticisor Machine with Eggman now in frame and it looked solid and fluid, not just a still frame attack of bollocks like before. I added an extra bit in here, as Sonic is knocked flying out of the air when the others transport in (with the bigger effects for more passengers) so this time Sonic wad actually attacking Eggman but was interrupted by the time lightning.


To rub salt in the wound, the instant Zonik appears he attacks Sonic further, before presenting Eggman with the Time Stones. Here we see the revelation that Nack was under Eggman’s employ from the beginning, adding depth to their relationship as Eggman feels, now, that he can always count on and rely on Nack’s skills. I also finally corrected that horrible grammar mistake of Zonik’s: before he said “there was complications” but now it’s “complications arose”, this is the sort of thing these rewrites and remasters are good for- it’s not just remastering for the sake of it, in fact I deliberately held back redoing this Saga because it is so big and so complex, but I felt I had to do it to do it proper justice and get it done right this time. Sonic is hurt on the floor for a while, and although you may not notice it Eggman finally gets a line of dialogue there that was accidentally cut from the original, before Tails swoops in and the guys land and attack, now all in frame. The Tornado is parked just out of frame to keep things uncluttered for these split screen fights, where the focus is on first Ray and Nack, then Zonik and Amy, but Chaotix are attacking in the background, making it busy but keeping the action moving as well, because we get to see more of Zonik’s power and prowess. So everyone is doing something, which echoes the Metal Ragnorak war from Sonic Battle: Metal Ragnorak, where everyone was doing something no matter what so there is a lot to see.


Okay, we have quite a bit happening in these first two frames. Firstly, Zonik’s eye-based laser looks a lot more effective (interesting thing I did here was to give Sonic dialogue and expression when Tails was attacked, to show that his cause to attack Zonik was not just because Amy was hurt but also because his best friend was). Next, the attack on Zonik is upped and more intense to show that he is not such a weakling, this gives us a great combination attack from first Sonic and Knuckles and then Tails as well, as Tails pulls out a device that shocks Zonik’s systems and takes him out at last. So it has now taken all three of them to beat Zonik whereas before he was beaten by being tapped on the head or some stupid stuff. Notice how, during all this, no one is watching Eggman, so he recovers and grabs the Time Stone (scaring a barely visible Spikes cameo) and this whole sequence is now done from the opposite way around to before- with Eggman on the left and Sonic and the right. Okay, here, I use an establishing wide shot to show everyone and where they are, and then tight-focus in to just Sonic and Eggman. This was something I learned from Sonic Heroes when you have so many characters, it’s just a chore to have them in every frame, so I scale it down to focus on Eggman and the Triple Threat.

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