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Same deal as Part One, just the extra title.


The Prologue’s just keep looking better and better, this one is very simple and short but looks great due to the Word Art and the black and white still shots edited from the previous part. Like before, Knuckles moves outside for a nap, and we jump to Flickie’s Island for an all-new background of the Time Stone Shrine! Not just a shitty Marble Zone background, we now have EggRobos attacking the outside of the Shrine (which we can see into) and actually, you know, ambushing the Island like the title says (also, you probably can’t read it, but one of the EggRobos is saying “Deleeete” in a homage to the Cybermen from the recent Doctor Who series). Also, reminiscent of the old Echidna Tribesmen, we now have the long omitted inclusion of Shrine Keepers and Staff, instead of the EggRobos just storming an empty Shrine! Also, a new rewrite here, is the inclusion of a familiar looking Shrine Worker addressed as Fang. The other Shrine Keepers are Antoine, re-coloured, and a sprite of Ash from Archie spliced onto a different body. I had long had these Shrine Workers in the original plan but cut them out, it’s great to finally have them here and flesh out this introduction, and this mysterious Fang character…


Carnage and continued new background, extras and padding as EggRobos blast down Shrine Workers in a corridor adjacent to the Shrine Room. They question one of them, Sean-O from Bonus Randomness in a cameo, and then take him off to be turned into one of them. Then, in the Shrine, the Time Stone is gone and the other guys are knocked out and a shirt is on the floor. The Shrine Keeper says “He took it” and we jump to someone teleporting in from the time stream into the Emerald Chamber. Now, I added a “approximately three hours later” bit here which I’ll explain later, but these whole sequence is also extra, previously cut material that I am so glad to finally have in, it’s much better than two or three shots of EggRobos just standing around doing nothing like before. I was tempted to put Cream and Vanilla in this sequence to show them being captured, but decided against it to give more focus on this Fang guy…


Oh wait, it was Nack all along! Ahahaha!! Nack, under cover, in disguise, using an alias, Fang, his “other” name! He also has his semi-Australian accent in this comic because I decided to rewrite it as his default accent from the get go. Instantly, with a new effect, Chaotix teleport in. Here I have decided to use my default Espio sprites that I now always use, but I didn’t/couldn’t have him in the Heroes outfit he wears in those sprites because all of Chaotix bar Mighty change their outfits in Sonic Heroes so, for every shot that Espio is in, I have to go in and edit his sprite so he has the old Knuckles’ Chaotix colours on, which is very nostalgic and he still looks great with those sprites (notice again that all dialogue boxes conveniently cover that extra Emerald?). Now, the “three hours” thing I mentioned was put in because I didn’t like the idea of Chaotix just appearing there as soon as Nack did, that was an error on my part. So the idea is that at this point they are in the Present and Nack jumped three hours into the future through time and from Flickie’s Island to Floating Island. Chaotix were contracted to find Nack after he stole the Time Stone and they managed to track him, somehow, during those three hours to arrive here once his signal, presumably, stopped moving or surfaced again. It makes more sense and is in keeping with the whole time distortion of this Saga.


Some new dialogue here to show Chaotix are still private detectives, as opposed to the allusion that they were guardians of Flickie’s Island or something in the original Saga. When Knuckles awakens, he realises he has been irresponsible in his duties by falling asleep. One thing I want to mention, this is twice that I’ve forgotten to include the Intruder Alert function when Nack and Chaotix teleport in so I’m gonna explain it by saying the sensors aren’t calibrated to g off when someone teleports in like that. It’s not quite apparent here but I slightly rewrote and shifted Chaotix’s dialogue so they all had equal involvement, information and leadership to show they are a team and that neither one is any more special than the other, they’re all great as one. Also, using my experience in slicing in the Golden Rings to everyone’s hands in the Chaos Ring Saga, I’ve managed to have the characters hold the Time Stones a lot better this time around.

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