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Same deal as Part One, just the extra title.


The black and white still frame Prologues look like diamonds, pretty kewl I thought. The still frame are taken from Part One and reedited to remove speech and sound effects and I added some extra visuals to beef it up a bit. The ship flying through the air looks a lot better with the blurring effect and I redesigned the Cockpit and Cargo Areas of the ship to now be full scale, as opposed to the tiny frames they were in the original part. The ship is piloted by a Grey Commander at a console closely resembling the one we’ll see later in Sonic Heroes. The Cargo Hold is quite bare but you can see the sky out the windows, which I liked, and Sonic actually runs and reads where to go instead of just, you know, running.


Going on the old Amy-in-Bonds sprite I still had from the first Saga, I edited together a bunch of extra expressions for her to have. This time, Sonic leaps through from the empty frame on the left, as opposed to just dropping out of a wall from before. Just entrance is also more dramatic this time, crashing through a Robot and kicking ass from the start. The fight between Sonic and Zonik is faster and more intense and shown in frame this time so you can see background stuff like Amy’s reaction, the Robot and the In-Transit display on the monitor. Zonik blasts Sonic with a weird combination of energy and electricity to form the capture bubble this time, instead of it just being a Triple Trouble sprite looking stupid. Notice the monitor has now changed to Eggman’s face because they’re at Egg Island?


Because I omitted the giant resized ship landing, I inserted a new frame of the mini ship coming in to land at the Roboticisor Plant with a new piece of dialogue from Zonik. The exterior of the Plant itself is all new, though I did like the Launch base one from before, the giant Eggman head from Sonic CD fits better when you consider the position of Eggman’s Control Tower from the 3D map of Egg Island. As before, EggRobos stand to attention and Bean, Bark, Fiona Rabbit, Spikes and a little Deil all have cameos here, which I’ll talk about more in a bit. Again, Sonic busts out with the flashshield attack and leaps to attack Zonik but new lights surround him in mid air and, in a new effect, his voice trails off and fades as he is sucked through the time stream with an all-new electricity-energy ripple effect reminiscent of Timecop. Looks so much better and more dramatic I think.


100% redesigned and all-new holding cells here that connect to a Robotisation Room similar to the one we saw earlier. Though I liked the Wing Fortress incorporated cells from before, my quest to make perfect holding cells compelled me to redesign it. The cells are based on the ones we see in Chaotix: Roots and still aren’t perfect, but it looks a lot better. Now, we open with a wide angle shot to show Spikes, Fiona, Bark and Bean inside cells and guarded by an EggRobo also, which, again, I’ll get into later. Okay, s, here is the first major rewrite of the Saga: Cream, now with Cheese, with her childlike personality we’re all used to. Though this dumbs her dialogue down somewhat, I also padded it out so she innocently reveals key information she also mentions her Mother, who she saved before she was captured. I also tweaked Amy’s dialogue to compliment Cream’s better, Amy’s sprites here are pretty good I think, you can tell she’s dejected at Sonic’s disappearance.

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