Japanese Horror Bibliography

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Japanese horror in translation

Akutagawa, Ryunosuke. Japanese Short Stories translated by Takashi Kojima. New York: Liveright, 1970.

This collection by the author of "Rashomon" includes the noted tale, "The Hell Screen" and "The Spider's Thread." The title is misleading -- all the stories in this collection are by Akutagawa.

______. "Kesa and Morito" in Modern Japanese Literature edited by Donald Keene. New York: Evergreen, 1960.

Weird tale not included in the Japanese Short Stories collection.

______. "Autumn Mountain" in Black Water edited by Alberto Manguel. Picador, 1983.

______. "Sennin" in The Book of Fantasy edited J.L. Borges, Adolfo Casares and Silvina Ocampo. NY: Viking, 1989

Kurahashi, Yumiko. The Woman with the Flying Head, translated by Atsuko Sakaki. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1997.

A collection of fantasy tales, lapses into horror at some points.

Kyoka, Izumi. "A Tale of Three Who Were Blind" in Modern Japanese Literature edited by Donald Keene. New York: Evergreen, 1960.

Rampo, Edogawa. Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Tuttle, Vermont: 1956.

Rohan, Koda. Pagoda, Skull and Samurai. Tuttle, Vermont: 1985.

Worth seeking out for ghostly horror tale, "Encounter with a Skull," and the interesting notes at the end of each of the three stories.

Tanizaki, Junichiro. "The Tattooer" in Wolf's Complete Book of Terror. edited by Leonard Wolf. NY: Potter, 1979.

Ueda, Akinari. Tales of Moonlight and Rain: Japanese Gothic Tales, translated by Kenji Hamada. New York: Columbia UP, 1972.

Reference works in English

Addiss, Stephen. Japanese Ghosts and Demons. New York: Brazilier, 1985.

Aston, William G. A History of Japanese Literature. Tuttle: 1972.

Reprint of 1899 original. Perhaps the first book in English that made a comprehensive look at Japanese literature. Aston claimed that direct knowledge of Japanese literature was a recent event. No English-speaking person could read a single page of Japanese prior to the 1860's!

Bush, Laurence. Asian Horror Encyclopedia. iUniverse: 2001.

Davis, F. Hadland. Myths and Legends in Japan Dover: 1992. Reprint of 1913 classic study includes 32 illustrations and a bibliography.

Hearn, Lafcadio. In Ghostly Japan.

______. Kwaidan.

Iwasaka, Michiko and Toelken, Barre. Ghosts and the Japanese. Logan, Utah, Utah State UP: 1994.

Le Nestour, Patrick. The Mystery of Things: Evocations of the Japanese Supernatural. New York: Weatherhill, 1972.

Watanabe, Masao. The Japanese and Western Science, translated by Otto Theodor Benfey. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania Press: 1988.

Contains an interesting discussion of Japanese magic-mirrors and their relationship to a story by Edogawa Rampo.

Japanese fiction

Kurimoto, Kaoru. Shui-hu-Ch'uan in the inferno (Makai-Suiko-den). Kadokawa Pocket Edition. ISBN4-04-150017-6.

Seminal novel of the Japanese Cthulhu mythos!

Santou, Kyouden. Honchou Suibodai. 1806.

_______. Inazuma Hioushi. 1805.

_______. Udonge Monogatari. 1804.

Yumeno, Kyusaku. Dogura Magura (Sorceries). Tokyo: Gendai Kyoto Bunko, 1935.