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____Advanced Directives E-Zine____ by The Messianic Refuge

Any of The Following Submissions Would Be Helpful and Appreciated

I am currently accepting submissions for the "Advanced Directives" E-Zine.

I would like it to be a collaborative, interactive, community based zine uniting the Children of God by producing a product that exemplifies our interest, dreams, and goals. The greatest gift of all, Salvation, was given to us because of the Tremendous Love of Christ Jesus and Our God and shouldn't we find a way to share that Love with each other and the World? (John 13:35) That's what The Messianic Refuge and the "Advanced Directives" E-Zine is all about. When I worked at the infectious disease clinic, I filed Advanced Directives all the time. Advanced Directives are meant to be used as a last voice for the dying...they give instructions for the future about what you want done with your life if anything should happen. It is the last chance for so many to decide whether they want to be kept alive on a life line, or if they would rather die. As sad as it is on this physical earth, it got me thinking that God is are Advanced Directives, He is our life line. He knows what is right for each of us, and He uses us for His Glory. Wouldn't you like to let others see that there is a hope in this life? Sometimes unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance is the only division between seeing the hope and being hopeless. God makes life worth living when we submit completely to His Will. He is our live line, our Salvation, and our eternal Happiness. I would like to share that with unbelievers and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus as well. We all need love, compassion, acceptance, and hope; and I know the church turns away so many believers that are blessed in ways they don't understand. But Our Creator and Father God created each of us special for special reasons, I believe He makes sure everyone is covered in the ways of evangelism and growth, etc...Besides, there are no misfits in the Kingdom of Heaven (God put this revelation on my heart). He has a special place for each of us, and we may not know the reason until we reach those precious gates of Heaven. So please don't be discouraged!!! That is why I created this site.

I want a place where ALL believers are accepted and loved no matter what they've done, how they dress, what music they listen to, etc.... It is not the job of any Christian to JUDGE whether our brothers and sisters are truly Christians or not. That is solely up to our Father God in Heaven, all we can do is love them. You don't have to like everything someone does, but you love the sinner and hate the sin...AND you remember we are ALL sinners saved by grace. No sin is better, no sin is worst. This also goes for unbelievers. I want a place where unbelievers can come and experience the true and Sincere Compassion and Love of Christ withut having to worry about being judged, or beat over the head. The very best way to witness is to simply live the life and let others see that something is different inside you (LoVE), thus is the very essence of GOD (John 13:35).

So now that I've told you about what this site and zine represent, if you would like to submit anything at all, or if you have any ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me. Thank You For your time, and God Bless!!!

In the Sincere Compassion and Love of Christ Jesus,