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The Lida Rose is a special award either given freely by myself or applied for. I'm not a very hard person to please but the award is very special to me and I am trying to limit the number of awards I give out at this time. If you don't win the first time.. do not take it personally and you may apply one month later at your discretion.

If you take pride in your site I encourage you to apply. But if you don't hear from me in a reasonable period of time then just know that I'm too scared to write an "I'm sorry" message (grin)

I'm a sap when it comes things of the heart, causes, beauty, artistic expression and have been around long enough to recognize webmasters who have put a lot of thought and effort into something that means so much to them.. I cry at movies so if my heart swells and my eyes well up you have a great chance in winning the Lida Rose.. In the future I will also be offering a special "newbie award" for those who are 6 months or newer... and possibly one for "in between".. but don't be surprised if I offer you the "Lida Rose" for a specific page within your site..

* Child-safe, please. No swearing, nudity or pornographic sites.
(No exceptions)

* Website must be a Personal website. Although I love to ransack and explore new Gif, Background and Midi Sites the Lida Rose is not for these. I'm also not into Tutorials
because I've read too many! (grin)

* you must be the Author of the site
(ie. no referrals or someone elses work!)

* Your homepage must contain more than just links
and your links must work.

* Reasonably quick loading, if possible. I hate blank boxes on my screen. But don't worry I'm on WebTV and understand if we're having "one of those days" I will try a few times and I'm used to using cmd+R (reload)

* "No Under Construction" sites or if on WebTV, "Pagebuilder only" sites. When I became a subscriber I had no intention of learning HTML but if I had to so do you! lol

* If you win my award, you must link back to my site.

* You must give credit to others who helped with the site layout when not done by yourself. Give credit where credit is due! All images must either be uploaded or transloaded to your own server (I will check!)

* When you receive an award, please E-mail me and let me know that you received the award in one piece.

* After you submit your application I would really appreciate it if you would visit my page at and sign one of my two Guestbooks.I will return the favor while I'm visiting.

Featured Winners List

I really look forward to visiting your site and seeing what you've done. Please don't be shy! You might be surprised at how truly remarkable you are!

(If the form below does not work you may also email me at but please try first)

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