July 21, 2000 - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
By: *beaverdoll@hotmail.com*

Mary Timony started the evening with her show, it started really good but in the second song a string snapped and the rest of the hour she had troubles with tuning the guitar over and over again. But nevertheless I think she is pretty talented.

Sleater-Kinney started at 21:30. They started with ballad of a ladymen followed by Call the doctor and then almost al the songs of "All hands on the bad one", one song for you, turn it on, the drama...,get up, end of you, god is a number, little babies and Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. I think those were all the songs, maybe I forgot one. There were like about 150/200 people. I dont know if that is disappointing for Sleater-Kinney. They are not well-known in the Netherlands. But everyone there had a really good time. The band was playing really well, everything sounded perfect, everything sort of fitted.

Janet was reallly playing "heavy rock steady" really hard, loud and focussed. It was really fun to see her play like that. Carrie was walking around the stage while playing really amazing. As I sat on the stage, almost 3 or 4 feet away from her I, watched al the chords she played. She is really a very good guitar player in my opinion. She seems to be really giving everything on stage. Corin was singing her lungs out, it's amazing how someone can sing like that without getting out of tune or making it sound like just screaming. The band didn't really talk that much with the audience, they played the songs pretty fast after another. Maybe they were a little tired of the tour, although they didn't perform as if they were tired. So maybe it was because there was another band to play there at 0:30 and they had only short time? I believe they did take the time after the show to talk to some people. Nevertheless....

Unfortunately time went to fast. It felt like as if they had started about 20 minutes ago, when they finished. After an hour and a half they stopped and started packing all the "gear". After having some doubts if it wouldn't be a bit rude, I asked Carrie if I could have her guitarpick. And she gave me her guitarpick so that was really nice. Now I have something I can remember the show with and use too.

This was the only show in the Netherlands unfortunately, so I'll have to wait a while, I guess, before I'll visit another SK show. But I'll remember this one in the meantime and hope that the Dutch SK fans don't have to wait another 3 years before they visit the Netherlands again.

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