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Robert Iler Unofficial Fan Page

Robert Iler as AJ Soprano, 
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Robert Iler as AJ Soprano, 
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This is a small dedication for the young, talented actor Robert Iler. You can see him as regularly AJ Soprano Sunday's at 9pm on HBO's hit series, The Sopranos, which has just entered its third season.

Right now this is a small page and will hopefully evolve into much more. If you have anything to contribute, please email me. Any information, pictures, links, etc. are greatly appreciated!

News and Updates
new Another small update. Added a link to The People Profiles on Robert Iler, which has birthplace, birthdate, education, and a fact section.
March 24, 2001 Past Updates.

Biography and Other Information
Biography. External link to the biography on the HBO Sopranos website.
Filmography located at
Rolling Stone Interview - transcript from the March 2001 issue, along with a scanned photo!
new People Profile includes birthdate and place, along with pictures and other info on Robert.
Information on the movie Tadpole, which features Robert Iler.
TV Guide Insider article Sopranos: The Next Generation from July 2000. Brief interview.

A few Sopranos screen captures:
[ Screen Cap 1 ] [ Screen Cap 2 ] [ Screen Cap 3 ] [ Screen Cap 4 ]

For a nice picture scanned from Rolling Stone magazine, visit the transcript.
For more pictures, visit the various links below.

Related Links
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Robert Iler @ Fansites has two very nice pictures of Robert Iler and Jamie Lynn Sigler from the Youngstar Awards located here.
Celebrity Autographs - Scroll down the page to view an autograph picture of Robert Iler.
Fourth Annual Young Star Awards from November 1999. Pictures both Jamie-Lynn Sigler Robert Iler.
Lila McCann Photo Album Scroll down for a picture of Lila with Robert and Jamie (Direct Link to the pic)
Queens Tribune Online Has a nice picture of many members of The Sopranos, including Robert with James Gandolfino and Jamie Lynn Sigler.
Gist TV Celebrity has brief information on Robert Iler.
NYPost Article mentions Robert in the seventh paragraph.
Sopranoland for all of your Soprano needs!


new Indicates something new or updated.
This is an unauthorized, unofficial fanpage.
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