News From The Pink Cheetahs

Oh wow Oh wow! We actually have news. Although, I suppose it's starting to become old news after how manys time tpc has stated that...we're a band again! Or at least trying to be. After taking an 8 month absense, we're gonna try to piece the broken parts of our band back together. We're aiming for tpc to be exclusively from skanaeteles high school this time, since distance has always seemed to be a factor in our previous break ups. There's some new talent in the freshmen class this year, so we finally have the resources to throw together an all girl band. Our main goal is just to discover a sound that fits us as a band. We're aiming for an 8-9 girl line up. In the long run, we might even be adding a tune to skadanny's comp cd. Nothing can be for sure while things are still up in the air. You can check back from time to time to see what's up with us, but updates will most likely be few and far apart seeing as I doubt much will be happening at a rapid rate. =)

While TPC is on hiatus, check out Cletus Doesn't Care...a new ska/punk band featuring the horns from tpc. (