Our Journal!!!!!!!

The Pink Cheetahs have played:

October 21, 2000 - The Pink Cheetahs played with Skarmy of Darkness, Straighter Than Pete, Agent Double O Zero, and The Bursting Mosquitos at the first ever Experiments in Ska show at the Westcott Community Center. The band consisted of ex-guitarist Laurel Visco, ex-bassist Marianne Tasick, ex-lead singer Sarah Tiedemann, current horn section, and guest drummer Brian Bosco (from Straighter Than Pete) dressed in drag. This was The Pink Cheetahs' first show and it went awesome!

December 2, 2000 - The Pink Cheetahs played at the Buddha Palooza at Fayettville Manlius High School fundraising for the Tibet/Amnesty International with Just Passed, Kids These Days, and two other punk bands. The same band that played 10/21 played, with the addition of trombonist Natalie Franz. This show was very unprepared (the cheetahs only played a four song set - all originals) and preceded the break up of the then current pink cheetahs.

December 16, 2000 - Chelsey Hamm, Nicole Schaeffer, and Laura Wayne (the horn section) from The Pink Cheetahs played in a combination band with some members of Straighter Than Pete at the 3rd Experiments in Ska show at the Westcott Community Center. The band was known as The Ron Jeremy Horn Stars and the show went very well and the band turned out to be a great idea. Ex-guitarist Laurel Visco showed up and played along with the horn stars for three of the cheetahs' originals. The Ron Jeremy Horn Stars played with Just Passed, Communist Daycare, STU, and Straighter Than Pete. Not a huge crowd at the show, but still overall a very good time!! fantastical =)

January 20, 2001 - The Ron Jeremy Horn Stars (The Pink Cheetahs and Straighter Than Pete) opened the Experiments in SKA show at the Westcott with My Town by Buck O Nine and Sell Out by RBF. Found out the day before and threw something together quick...went pretty good! =) Show also included Skarmy of Darkness, Cappucino Jellybeans, Misunderstood, and Straighter Than Pete...all of which are wonderful bands!!!

May 11/12, 2001 - The Pink Cheetahs played the Youth to Youth Lock In at the Ultimate Goal in Marcellus, NY along with punk band Mixed Breed. This was the first and only show featuring Jerimi (drums), Sarah (guitar), and Jenna (vocals)...our second attempt at a rhythm section. We played around 2am so there wasnt much of a crowd, but the bands danced for each other and made it fun! We heart Mixed Breed, they're sexy...rrraaaaawwwwwrrrr!

Our Ex-Members:
Erica Gosh - Guitar
Niki Dillon - Bass
Patty Timmler - Bass
Susan Laxton - Vocals
Angela Sillars - Guitar
Laurel Visco - Guitar
Marianne Tasick - Bass
Sarah Tiedemann - Vocals
Natalie Franz - Trombone
Jerimi Walker - Drums
Sarah Vroman - Guitar
Jenna Lehr - Vocals