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ReDate Logo (61559 bytes)

ReDate Addon 1.04 for Total Commander
by Roman Korcek


       ReDate Addon is an addon for Total Commander. It works similar to the counter [C] in TC's Multi-Rename Tool, however, it is used for file dates (and times) only. Using ReDate you can change the dates of multiple files incrementally or randomly (see screenshot (5571 bytes)).


       ReDate Addon 1.04 for Total Commander (195666 bytes; MD5: 2A0DF1194C8F10794EF71D9A081BB318; SFV: 272283BE), 19 Apr 2004.

       Source for Delphi 6 (5934 bytes; MD5: B73DC49DFA42B30008091E46DBAA6A42; SFV: 03682356).

       Is ReDate not what you are looking for? Take a look at AddTime.


       If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, write me. You are also invited to check out my personal homepage.

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