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AddTime Addon 1.03 for Total Commander
by Roman Korcek


       AddTime Addon is an addon for Total Commander, useful when you need to change the time or date of many files by a specific amount. Example situation - your digital camera's clock has been set incorrectly and now all your pictures have their dates off by an hour. Now, instead of changing the individual properties of every file you just select them all, click AddTime Addon's button, select 1 hour, press Start, and you're done!


       AddTime was initially programmed by me for user Christoph of the Total Commander Support Forums who was in the situation described above - he needed to change the dates of many files because his digital camera's clock has been set incorrectly. You can read the whole history of AddTime's creation (in German) in the original thread.


       AddTime Addon 1.03 for Total Commander (168262 bytes; MD5: BF2E0700B294711AA4143D83E1A19137; SFV: C653453B), 19 Apr 2004.

       Source for Delphi 6 (3758 bytes; MD5: 50BFC6B2B54DB0FE6BF2C43A36E3B968; SFV: FD95E8BE).

       AddTime 1.21 standalone command line version (57886 bytes; MD5: 2FEF0089A81AF30A51F3C33DB464CAEF; SFV: 39BC8AF9), 13 Oct 2002, source included.

       Is AddTime not what you are looking for? Take a look at ReDate.


       If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, write me. You are also invited to check out my personal homepage.

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