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The first volume in this series of six volumes gathers guitar music from six republics and two autonomous regions of the former Yugoslavia. As with the following five albums, it is the result of many years of research into the guitar music of his homeland by master guitarist, composer and musicologist Uroš Dojcinovic. Along with sheet music volume I (44-pages) includes brief biographies of the eight composers and an illustrated historical background of the guitar in Yugoslavia. (Preface by Theo Radic)

Volume II in this series is devoted to guitar music from Croatia, with special emphasis on the greatest Croatian guitarist/composer: Ivan Padovec. (43 pages) Volume III (Slovenia) features Slovenian guitarist/composer Stanko Prek on the cover. (41 pages) Volume IV (Serbia) features Serbian guitarist/composer Jovan Jovicic on the cover. (43 pages) Volume V (Bosnia and Hercegovina) features Bosnian guitarist Vjeckoslav Andrée on the cover. (44 pages) Volume VI (Montenegro and Macedonia) features Montenegran guitarist/composer Miodrag Cupic on the cover. (39 pages) Most of the compositions in this series have never before been published outside of the former Yugoslavia.

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Illustrated Introduction (vol. 1)
Illustrated Introduction (vol. 2)
Table of contents for all six volumes


Volume I

Polka from Sarajevo (Sabo)

Volume II

Polonaise (Padovec)

Volume III

On the Way Home (Rus)

Volume IV

Tango (Veljovic)

Volume V

Alla Polka (Cerimagic)

Volume VI



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vol. I (Yugoslavia)

vol. II (Croatia)

vol. III (Slovenia)

vol. IV (Serbia)

vol. V (Bosnia)

vol. VI (Macedonia)

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