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Although little known in Europe, Isaias Savio is one of the great teachers of the classic guitar in Brazil and a major figure in the diffusion of the guitar in this country, with an enormous influence in the rest of South America. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1900. At 12 years of age he wrote his first piece "Caixinha of musica" and it did not take him long to discover Agustín Barrios and Miguel Llobet, who had great influence on him. After a stay in Argentina and with a firmly established career, Savio arrived in Brazil in 1931 and there remained until his death in 1977, as a nationalized Brazilian. Isaias Savio crossed the country giving recitales and courses and presenting the guitar even in the smallest cities.

He made his first recordings in 1947, which formed a core for the studies of guitar at the Conservatory of São Paulo. Luis Bonfá, Paulo Bellinati, Turibio Holy, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Antonio Rabello and others were his students. His school, similar to the one founded by Tárrega in Spain, expanded to all of Brazil through his students to consolidate the position of the guitar in the country. As composer, Savio was strongly influenced by Tárrega and Barrios, for whom he felt an authentic devotion. He wrote 115 works and made more than 300 transcriptions and revisions. Some of his more important works are: 25 estudios melódicos, Caixinha de música, Escenas brasileiras, Preludios 1-6, 4 Preludios pintorescos, Celeste y blanco, Serenata Campera, Variaçoes de Gato. Guitarists Narcisso Yepes, Gerald García, Sharon Isbin, Kazuhito Yamashita and Carlos Barbosa-Lima have recorded his compositions.

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