Syukhtun Editions

Chumash spiritual march through Santa Barbara
led by Paul Pommier June 15, 2002
(Seventh Generation Fund Newsletter, July 2002)

Paul Pommier

Whom do I hear on this lonely night
that calls out with a distant cry?
A soul or spirit within the wind
who was the last to die.

A voice speaks low, where have they gone,
what was the reason why?
What do they reap from a culture gone
for they do not sleep, these restless souls.

The spirits send a newborn seed
of the children born again.
You cannot take away what was,
a people's way of life

a man a woman a boy a girl a family way of strife.
What do you cast into the wind?
The greed the hurt of Mother Earth
a never-ending sin.

So what do you reap this lonely day,
can you not hear these words I say,
for you too shall walk
on a cold cold lonely night,

whispers in the wind.

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