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Outobrino Domingos de Moraes was born in Itapeva, São Paulo, Brazil on October 25,1936. He began his studies of piano at the age of 10 with his teacher Jose Fonseca. He also played accordion in Antonio Margarido’s orchestra for 5 years, and taught guitar in São Paulo for 10 years. He then moved to Itapetininga, São Paulo were he taught accordeon at the Carlos Gomes Conservatory, and gave private guitar lessons. He founded the “Choro group”, playing bandolin and cavaquinho. He has played accordeon at the inauguration party at Venacio Ayres Country Club. Now retired, he still is a prolific composer publishing an enormous amount of original works and arrangements on the Brazilian website Samba & Choro - more than 2000 musical scores composed by Outobrino de Moraes , and more than 240 songs.

Outubrino recently composed a series of piano pieces dedicated to the wives of musician friends. Here is a MIDI recording of a waltz he composed for my wife.

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