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Nadia Borislova, composer and guitarist born in Moscow in 1969, started playing guitar at eight and completed her professional studies at the 48th Moscow School of Music and at the Gnesin State School of Moscow. From 1988 to 2003 she has played on several stages in Europe, Mexico, Cuba, and Costa Rica. Since 1988 she has composed different compositions for guitar and other instruments. The most known are: the suites “The Butterfly,” “Waltz-Scherzino”, “The Names of Snow,” “The Dance of the Wind and the Shaman” and “Mirage” for guitar and clarinet; “The Ocean Train,” concerto for guitar and piano, “March” for guitar and three clarinets, “On a Feminine Night”; “Sonnet” for two guitars,” “Mirage IV” for clarinet and guitar, and “The Flower Remembering a Rain”. She has been living in Puebla Mexico from 1992 and works at the music college of BUAP (School of Fine Arts at Puebla University). In the same year she founded the guitar ensemble where she is the director. In 1995 she recorded her first CD playing her own compositions, and in the same year she acquired Mexican nationality. She has recently returned from a concert tour in Cuba, where she received a standing ovation. Among those standing was Leo Brouwer.

Nadia Borisova won the National Award for the Guitar Competition in Xalapa Veracruz University, as well as the special prize for the best Mexican music interpretation and a special mention delivered by the composer Ramon Noble for the best “Pasacalle D-Minor” interpretation. In 1997 she won the Fonca-Puebla scholarship in composition for young creators. In 1998 she founded the “Marfil-Quartet” with some of her pupils and under her direction they recorded their first CD. In 1998 she received the National FONCA (Natinal Cultural Arts Fund) scholarship for the best guitarist. In the 1999 she recorded other two CD’s with Mexican and Russian compositions.

Nadia Borislova has played with Orchestra as soloist in Morelia at the Xth International Guitar Festival and in Puebla at the IIIrd National Guitar Festival. She is artistic director of the National Guitar Festival in Puebla, Mexico. In 2000 she received the recognition for her artistic aptitude given by the International Festival of the Arts Navachiste 2000, in addition to which she won special mention at the Inter-American conference Festival of Poetry. In 2000 she again won the National FONCA scholarship for the best guitarist for a second time. In 2001 she recorded two CDs of Mauro Giuliani’s works for his 220th aniversary. Nadia Borislova published the Practical-Guitar-Method I at Benemerit University of Puebla in 2002. She also published the “Butterfly Suite” in a Mexican edition. In 2003 she received the First National Award in Composition for her work for guitar “Under the Effects of Poetry,” at the First National Guitar Contest “Without borders” in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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