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Miguel Llobet Soles was born October 16, 1878 and died February 22, 1938 in Barcelona, Spain. He began his guitar studies with Magin Alegre at the age of eleven and decided upon this instrument after hearing Antonio Jimenez Manjon in concert. Alegre arranged an appointment with Francisco Tárrega and after this audition Llobet entered the Municipal Conservatory of Music where he completed his studies with Tárrega. At the age of twenty he began his first series of private concerts and by 1903 began the concert circuit begining in Paris. Llobet is one of the first guitarists to performed extensively throughout Europe, the Americas (North, South and Central) as well as on other continents. He has produced more than 100 works for the guitar. His most famous student was Andres Segovia.

Listen to Llobet’s El Noy de la Mare

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