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1908 - 1991

The self-taught Arthur Bosmans was born in Brussels and received Brazilian citizenship in 1953. He started his musical studies at five. In Antwerp he entered the Naval School, reaching the grade of First Lieutenant after seven years of service. He left the Navy in 1932 and dedicated himself to composition and conducting, notably the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra. He moved to Brazil in 1940, firstly to Rio de Janeiro where he conducted the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra. After that, in Belo Horizonte, he finally assumed the chair of composition and conducting at the Music School of the University of Minas Gerais State (UFMG) and directed the State and Municipal Orchestras. He won the “Cesar Franck Award of symphonic composition” with his masterpiece “La Rue”, written in 1932, besides receiving several decorations of a cultural order from Belgium, France, Brazil, Spain, Holland. As a conductor he directed the Brazilian première of many works by Ravel, Prokofiev and Ginastera, also abroad introduced pieces by Brazilian compositors such as Mignone, Krieger, Gnattali and Fernandez.

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