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Raúl Borges was born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 4th, 1882. His first instruments were cuatro, bandolina and eventually guitar. He went to Europe when he was to take charge of a Venezuelan embassy. There he composed two important pieces: "Vals sobre Motivos Franceses" and "Sueño de Opio." When Borges returned to Venezuela he began teaching classical guitar. Among his students were Antonio Lauro, Rodrigo Riera and Alirio Diaz. Some of his pieces are still unpublished, but in his last year a book about Borges with some of his own compositions was published. The pieces included were: "Cación Antigua", "Canción de Cuna en D y G Mayor" "Sueño de Opio", "Fuente Morisca", "Valse sobre motivos Franceses", "Estudio", "El Criollito", "Marisol", Valse Venezolano", "Danza" for three guitars, and "Adiós" for guitar and voice. Borges died in Caracas on June 24, 1967.

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