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Attilio Bernardini was born in Tiete, Brazil. He began his musical studies at age 11 playing mandolin, passing to the guitar at age 15. At 18 he began studying violin with Professor Camilio Sangiovanni. He also studied bass but never stopped studying the guitar since it considered as the most expressive instruments.

In 1917 Bernardini joined the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory of São Paulo, studying with maestros Savino de Benedictis and Cantú. That same year he attended the concert of Josefina Robledo and, from subsequently dedicated more to the study of guitar and harmony. At the same time he performed the compositions and transcriptions of Tárrega, enabling him to solve methodological problems on the guitar.

He began his career as a teacher in 1924. His major works are: Cacique, à Beira Mar, Choro nº 1, Mágoas, Violeta, Estudo Rítmico, Conto Oriental, Ilusão, Noites de Espanha, among others. He also published a compositions album entitled Preparatory Lessons for guitar and practical methods for guitar and mandolin. Among his transcriptions are Prelude No.7 by Chopin, Minuet by Francisco Mignone, Brazil’s National Anthem, Olhos Negros and countless waltzes, choros and other works. Abandoning concert career, he devoted himself to teaching and composition.

Bernardini died on March 23, 1975, in São Vicente.

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