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Paulo Barreiros was born in the city of Botucatu, São Paulo in January 1909. He was a guitarist, composer, arranger and professor of guitar. He had his first practical guitar lessons with Silvério Paes. Angelino de Oliveira, the poet and composer of "Sadness of the Jeca", gave him the first practical advice in the domain of popular composition, as well as Guido Bisacó and the professor of Canto Orfeônico, Mario Cacace. Barreiros continued his studies of guitar, musical theory and harmony with Atílio Bernardini and later Isaias Sávio. He was also a pupil at the São Paulo Conservatory of Canto Orfeônico, under the direction of João Batista Julião. Barreiros performed with some of the great names in music, like August Aníbal Sardine (“Garoto”), Ângelo Apolonio (“Poly”), Aymoré and Laurindo Almeida.

Among his compositions, orchestrations and arrangements for guitar: “Heart of the Poet”, “Choro típico no. 1” , “Choro típico no. 2” , “Old Saudade”, “Romance”, “Message of the Night” , “Song of Autumn”, “Nocturne”, “Mara”, and others. Barreiros transcribed works by Bach, Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin, as well as making arrangements for the guitar by such composers as Ary Barroso, Ernesto Nazareth, Dorival Caymmi, Lyrio Panicalli, Zica Bergami, and others. Together with Manoel Marques (Portuguese guitar), Prof. Aymoré (bass guitar), and Pablo Mires (guitar), an ensemble was formed that often broadcast on radio programs, TV and theaters in Brazil. In the 1960s, he recorded 2 LPs, that have recently been reissued on CD. Paulo Barreiros died in São Paulo in March 2004.

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