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Albino Manique, a native of San Francisco de Paula (Rio Grande do Sul), was a founder of the group The Mirins, which is one of the most traditional groups in the region, with 50 years of existence. He is considered one of the greatest accordionists of Brazil, having established his name through his exceptional technique and unique manner of playing the accordion. Even today, there is no one who compares to his playing technique.

During his career Albino Manique recorded several albums with The Mirins. Today he is mainly engaged in the business of the group. In the 1980s he accompanied the Teixeirinha in recording three albums. He also recorded seven solo CDs and two LPs. Rancheira is a Brazilian musical style that originated in rural areas. There are regional variations, the most important being gaucho, with marked influence from northern Argentina, and rancheira sertaneja originating from Rio Grande do Sul in southeastern Brazil, with rhythms influenced by Bolivia and Paraguay. The Brazilian rancheira is an example of folk music straddling two musical traditions, a melodious bridge between Argentina and Brazil. (There is also a ranchera from Mexico equally as rooted in regional folk music.)

Listen to Albino Manique play this lively rancheira: Baile Candieiro .

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