Young Fresh Fellows Discography

Young Fresh Fellows Discography

A quick note about the YFF albums: Most of the LPs have different titles on the spine than what the cover says. So here are the real titles / spine titles:

The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest / Kids Bring Zucchinis And Stay All Day
Topsy Turvy / Where Is Gorman Thomas?
The Men Who Loved Music / Chicago XIX
Refreshments (EP) / Condiments
Totally Lost / Totally Lost
Includes A Helmet (EP) / Recalling The Magic
This One's For The Ladies / Introducing The Gunsharp'ners
Electric Bird Digest / The Barbers Of Smelterville
It's Low Beat Time / Doc Sharpie Is A Bad Man

Some of the CDs have alternate titles too:
The Fab Sounds/Topsy Turvy CD (both albums on one) has spine titles of When We Were Good and/or Legendary Masters Vol. 1.

Now onto:


The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest --- PopLlama 4/84

Topsy Turvy --- PopLlama 11/85

The Men Who Loved Music --- PopLlama/Frontier 3/87

Totally Lost --- Frontier 4/88

Beans and Tolerance (the Bootleg Album) no label (LP only) 1/89

This One's For The Ladies --- Frontier 9/89

Electric Bird Digest --- Frontier 5/91

Somos Los Mejores (compilation) --- Munster (Spain) 12/91

Gleich Jetzt --- 1+2 (Japan-CD only) 10/92

It's Low Beat Time --- Frontier CD/Munster LP 10/92

Take it Like A Matador (Live in Madrid) Impossible (Spain-CD only) 10/93

A Tribute To Music --- Rock & Roll Inc. (Spain) 1/97

Mini-LPs/CD EPs

Refreshments --- PopLlama/Frontier 9/87

Includes a Helmet --- Utility (U.K.) 6/90

Temptation on Saturday --- PopLlama CD/Munster 10" 12/93

CDs (different from LPs of the same title)

The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest/ Topsy Turvy --- ESD '87 / PopLlama '95

The Men Who Loved Music /Refreshments --- Frontier '89


YFF Update Theme/Three Sides to This Story --- PopLlama 6/85

Beer Money/Fillet Of Soul/Crusters Theme --- PopLlama 12/86

My Boyfriend's in Killdozer (split w/Scruffy the Cat) --- Cruddy 10/89

Divorce #9/Halloween --- PopLlama '90*

Two Guitars Bass and Drums/Someone I Care about --- Pravda 9/90*

Dancin' in the Moonlight/Do You Care Theme (as GunSharpners) --- Cruddy 10/90

Motor Broke/Equator Blues --- Cruddy 11/90*

Don't Blame it on Yoko/With a Big Book --- Frontier 1/91*

Sick and Tired of Me/They Raided the Joint/Booze Party --- Skullduggery 3/91*

Purple Sweater/2 Guitars/Rotation/Sesame Street --- Lance Rock 4/91

Hits From the Breakup Album (Box Set of 45's marked *) --- ESC Brand 5/91

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da/Skyscraper of Facts/Teen Thing --- ElectroBird 5/91

I Hate Everything/Fetid/I'm not Bitter --- no label 9/91

Mathisization/New YFF Theme (w/Richard Peterson) --- PopLlama 12/91

Dark Corner of the World (split w/Dharma Bums) --- Frontier (U.K.) 3/92

Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money/ One Day You Die --- Munster (Spain) 12/91

On Your Hands/Little Trip to Heaven... --- Screaming Apple (Germany) 10/92

Stewed/Something True --- Who Cares 10/92

Stop Breathing (split w/ Mutant Monster Beach Party) --- 1+2 (Japan) 11/93

Benzedrine Beat EP;99 Girls,She Wont Budge,plus 2 --- Au-go-go (Australia) 2/94

Rampage EP (as The Boatrampmen) --- Cruddy 5/94

Gorilla Time/Mo' Gorilla --- Telstar 10/94

Compilations (with unreleased songs/versions)

"I'm an Artiste on Frontier" Diamonds at a Discount --- Frontier '88

"We're The Best" Spontaneous Consumer Frenzy --- Pop '90

"High Time" Here Ain't the Sonics --- PopLlama/Estrus '90

"Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money" Estrus Lunch Bucket --- Estrus '90

"Yankee Magazine" lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings Vol. 2 --- ESD '91

"Black Betty" 20 Explosive Super Smash Hit Explosions --- Pravda '91

"I Just Sit There"/"Last Show"/"Pammie's on a Bummer" Bonograph --- Bogus '91

"She Might Look My Way" Not the Singer But The Songs --- Munster (Spain) '91

"Fan Club"/"Life Goes On" Another Damned Seattle Compilation --- Dashboard Hula Girl '91

"O Little Town of Bethlehem" A Lump of Coal --- First Warning '91

"Mad John's Escape" Donovan Island of Circles --- Nettwerk (Canada) '91

"Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts" Melody Fair --- Eggbert '93

"Yankee Magazine" (slow version) Hit the Hay --- Sound Asleep (Sweden) '93

"Whenever You're Ready"/"Indication" The World Of The Zombies --- PopLlama '94

"I Couldn't Spell !!*@! (w/Roy Loney) Turban Renewal --- Norton '94

"Bookstore" Soda Punx --- Top Drawer '94

"For the Love of a Girl" Love is my Only Crime Vol 2 -- Veracity (Germany) '94

"Disco Sucks" Oh Canaduh! --- Lance Rock (Canada) '95

"Agar's Revenge" Bite Back--Live At The Crocodile --- PopLlama '96

"Doin' The Banana Split" Banana Splits Tribute --- Skullduggery 7" '96

"Dark Corner Of The World" Hype soundtrack (45 box set) --- SubPop '96

"Heartache" DFFD - A Tribute To The Dictators Vol. II --- Roto (Spain) '97

"Takin' My Love" English Rose-Tribute To The Jam --- ALCA (Japan) '97

"Have I The Right"/"Can't Get Beside Her"/"Something Like That" An Evenings In Edenbrook Forest --- Book 12/97

"Shakedown" Our Favorite Texan: Bobby Fuller Four-Ever! --- #9 Records (Japan) '99

"Your Truth Our Lies" Houston Party Compilations Vol. 1 --- Houston Party (Spain) '99

"Barky's Spiritual Store #2" Day Dreaming With An Empty Station Wagon --- Dizzy '99