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Sonic the Hedgehog gifs

Enjoy these Sonic gifs!!
Newer GIFs at the bottom!

Sonic 1

A drunken Sonic
Provided by NetRaptor

Sonic looking up

Sonic doing a spin dash!

An impatient hedgehog!

Sonic pointing

Sonic walking

Sonic whistling

Sonic running(from Sonic 3)

Sonic in a winner's stance

Sonic spinning

Sonic holding an emerald

Help!...Sonic's falling!

Sonic all wet

Why are you driving Sonic away?

Sonic changing into Super Sonic!

Sonic tapping his foot

Sonic destroying his name

Sonic dashing

Part of the opening from the SAT morning cartoon

Older Sonic gifs

Big image of Sonic running

The orignal way Sonic was supposed to run in Sonic Beta

The final way Sonic runs in Sonic Beta

Sonic spinning

Sonic waiting...impatiently!

Sonic on the edge!

A bored Hedgehog

Sonic walking

A strange walking Sonic

Sonic running

Sonic killing one of Dr. Eggman's creations

Sonic from 3D Blast!! <-- This item is NEW!
Sonic from Sonic 3D Blast!

Sonic doin' the speed walk!
Sonic speed walking <-- This item is NEW!

Sonic Popping out <-- This item is NEW!
Sonic coming out of a tiltle screen

A Sonic back button <-- This item is NEW!
A Sonic Back Button

If any of these Gifs were created by YOU let me know so I can give you credit!