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Welcome to

Chess League of Idaho!
An affiliate of United States Chess Federation (USCF)

Chess League of Idaho is committed in:

Chess League of Idaho combines educational and social activities. Members come to play, to learn, to teach, and to get together with old friends and make new ones. Every member speak a common language, and one that is often not understood in other areas of a person's life. No matter what their level of skill, experience, or age. The rivalries are friendly; the friendships are competitive. We offer a wide variety of activities.

Mission Statement

To provide an alternative sports for those physically challenged students by promoting the game of chess. We plan to promote the study, sportsmanship, and knowledge of this scientific game and its popularity. We plan to encourage the formation of chess groups, clubs, and/or associations in every school in Idaho. We plan to recognize achievements of students by conducting tournaments and events across schools and school districts. We will operate exclusively for educational, recreational, and social welfare purposes of the students.   It will be organized as local affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF). 

We will administrate and direct local tournaments, assist schools in forming and running a Chess club and their officers, coordinate attendance at area tournaments, promote chess, etc.  The list is endless, the need is great, and the reward is noble. 


We believe that that in every school in America, there are physically challenged students. These students does not necessarily have physical disabilities. It's either they did not pass the try outs or did not meet the criteria or just don't like physical athletic sports. It does not mean that these kids are not competitive either. Given an alternative to basketball, football, baseball, wrestling, and other physical sports, these type of students can excel on other sports events like Chess. 

       We also believe that playing chess can improve academic performances of students. We believe that in every school, there are students who already knows how to play chess and those who wants to learn how to play chess. Playing chess can and may fullfille some of the students' dream of becoming competitive, famous, and even fullfill their personal achievements. Most of all, we believe in providing an alternative to physical athletic sports (i.e., basketball, football, wrestling, baseball, and other physical sports) in school. 

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