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The Moonlit Lake


Welcome to the Moonlit Lake,
a page created to publish (in a way) my Sailor Mercury-based fanfiction.

My word! You would not BELIEVE the ordeal I went through trying to find my password to this account!! I feel so terrible, too, because it was in the same place that I looked all over for last time, too!! ^_^;; Well, before you get your hopes up or anything, I still haven't written any more. I know, I know, I'm an idiot, but that's just the way it is. If you want any excuse, I've been getting caught up in the debut of Card Captor Sakura/Card Captors (my new favorite series) on US tv!!! (^_^ ::glowing happily::) And then of course I had an odd burst of creativity in the direction of making my own manga-type thing, but that died (a horrible death, in the RAIN -- sorry, inside joke, couldn't help it) and now I'm hoping to get hopping on this story!! I REALLY want to finish it, as I'm sure you do (or, at least, I hope you do ^_^;) so I'm trying to get myself in motion, here. Just thought you might like to know about what little progress is being made! ^_^;; Well, as soon as I'm done crying at my patheticness, I'll start writin!!

And, hey! I haven't gotten a SINGLE WORD about fanart, so get off your butts, too, and make me some pics!! They don't have to be the Mona Lisa, and I'm sure you'd have fun doing it, so whatt'r'ya waiting for?? (If you'll notice, I have the handy excuse of being the tortured, struggling writer who's spending all her time plugging away at the story, with absolutely no time for drawing! ^_~)

(June 16)

If you'd prefer:
Frames & Tripod Lake Site

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If anyone is at all interested in drawing some illustrations to this fanfic, or just has some Ami fanart you'd like to share, please send it to me! I'd really love to have some more fanwork to spice this place up! ^_^ (I'm planning on doing some of my own, but right now I think the story should come first, then the furnishings. Don't you agree?)

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By the way, if you sent me your addy to be notified and are just now reading this in shock, don't kill me for not emailing you, if you please. I wrote down the names on so many lists, I've left them all over and am lucky to have found the addies I did. Sorry!!

Uhh... scrap that about the fixed guestbook. I don't know what the deal is, but everytime I check it's all messed up. If anybody has any suggestions on a low-maintenance, reliable book, please email me. If you think I should just skip the whole idea, I'd like to know that, too. Thanks! ^_^

(But I think I'll keep this cute little pic!)

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Email me if you would like to know when I update the fanfiction!

Please don't plagerize my writing!!! I love it to death and am very proud of it so it would just crush me if someone else was pretending it was theirs, or using it on their page without my permission!! Sure, you can get inspiration from my story (heck, you could even base your entire storyline on mine - though it wouldn't be very exciting...) but please don't use my exact words! So go out their and write your OWN beautiful fanfiction!!