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This website is dedicated to the beautiful and graceful, yet powerful and strong, Gina Gogean. Gina has been the World Champion on floor exericse for the last three World Championships. She has also won five Olympic medals, three of them individual. She has also been World Champ on beam, and on vault. She has been criticized for not being artistic enought- which I think is crazy! She is artistic- so she isn't bubbly, so what? Shannon Miller wasn't until after Atlanta, and we all love her. So why cant the commentators be quiet about Gina not smiling, or being extremely artistic (example: Svetlana Khorkina), instead, she is more powerful and consistent. She moves through her routines with a calm pace- always. She is Romania's Golden Glory.

Gina leaves Romania for Scotland! Find out more here

You can write Gina at-
c/o Romanian Gymnastics Federation
Str. Vasile Contra 16
70139 Bucharest, Romania

" I never thought I am sacrificing myself. When I was a little girl, I watched on TV the performance of our gymnasts and I dreamed that once I would be like them. Now that has come true and it seems natural to me. I don`t think I earned major success, I think this came as a result of a very hard work. I have never thought about retiring, because gymnastics is my way of life. I know, in the meantime, I have grown up because of gymnastics. Of course, I have bad days sometimes, anyone does, but it is important that there is here, on the team, an atmosphere of friendship between us and coaches" - Gina on gymnastics
"It will be hard to say goodbye to gymnastics. But with the revised Code of Points, its too dificult for me to learn new moves. But I hope the World Championships will be a good suvenior. I'll keep my head held high as Nadia did in her last competition." - Gina on retiring

"Gina is not a sad person, but she does not externalize anything." -Milo
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