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Welcome to my Ford Falcon site. In case you hadn't guessed, this site is all about Ford Falcons! My focus is on the XA to XC series, which started production in 1972 and finished in 1979. My personal favourite is the XC series. I think the front grill, larger bumpers and dash are much nicer than what the XAs and XBs had. I also much prefer the ZH Fairlane (same production time as the XC) to the ZF and ZG Fairlane (same production time as the XA and XB). These cars are all available here in New Zealand. They're just not as common or as cheap as they are in Australia.

On the left side of the screen you will see links to other pages on my site. There are plenty of things to see. The galleries contain most of the pictures, but the others are worth checking out too.

Last updated 2nd November 2002. Online since 21 June 1999.

News 2nd November 2002:

What the fuck was i thinking? Part of me drove off with that XC when the new owner bought it. I ain't in aussie (plans all went wrong) and i won't be any time soon. So there was only one thing to do... buy another V8!. I am now the proud owner of a 1975 ZG Fairlane. It's shit brown with a 302, been lowered and it feels like the motor has had work done to it. It's faster than the XC was, despite having a shit carb and being heavier. It does have extractors and 2.5" exhaust, but then again, so did the XC...

More comming soon, photos and all

News 25th August 2001:

Well folks I've done it now! The Fairmont has been sold, the Accord was sold ages ago to buy the Primera which I'm now also selling.

The reason for all this? I've moving to Australia in October 2002 and the sooner I get rid of my expensive cars, the more money I will save. The Primera will be sold in a few days, and I'll be picking up my run-about for the next year: a 1986 Toyota MR2! It's a mid-engine, rear wheel drive 5 speed with a loud exhaust, how embarassing.

I still have a roll of film to develop so you haven't seen the last of my XC just yet, and rest assured that I will be buying some sort of big V8 Ford when I move to Melbourne late next year. On of the fans of this site, Lachlan, will be helping me choose my next V8. Anyone else in Melbourne want to ICQ me 43559870 cause I'll be wanting to meet up with fellow ford freaks.

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