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Fallen Angels/Villians

This page is dedicated to the best and most loved Villians of the screen and stage but all you'll agree are quite memorable, whether you love them, or love to hate them!!! The Phantom of the Opera Erik, the Phantom of the opera is one of the most Loved Villians of the Screen and stage, remembered the most as Michael Crawford's version in the Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Phantom of the opera

On the left you can see Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in the musical version of the Phantom Of the Opera, the most popular Musical still running today, i recommend that you see it for yourself, it is an absolute must!!It is sad and melancholy with a fantastic score and amazing sets. Based on the book by Gaston Leroux, it is set in the bowels of the Parisian Opera house, the now know Academie Du Musique (L'Opera) in Paris that still stands today and is open to the public. The story is about a Man who lives in the dungeons of the Opera house and who makes demands to the head of the company and, should they be refused, he shall bring terrible acts to the opera house and its patrons. when the manager retires and the new managers come to take their positions, they realise that the Phantom has the upper hand and try to defeat him. When the Phantom falls in Love with the rising Diva of the Company,Christine Daaé, he kidnaps her and trains her in the art of singing and love, and falls hopelessly in Love with her. She falls in Love with her old Flame, the patron of the company,Raoul the Vicomte du changy, The Phantom becomes outraged and swears vengence on Raoul for taking his diva away from him. The Phantom kills the Leading Tenor and as a trap for the Company, kidnaps Christine as she plans her getaway from the Phantom. He forces her to Marry him or he shall Kill Raoul who has followed Christine to rescue her From the Phantom. The ending is so dramatic and lonely, one with tears and compassion. See it for yourself and become dedicated to its story and music!

Lestat Du Lioncourt

here we meet the most loved and evil of all the Vampires written about in Modern English. Malelovant and twisted,yet full of need and compassion, Lestat has been documanted about in most of the Vampire chronicles, from "Interview with the Vampire" to the latest offering "Vittorio the Vampire". here he is seen on screen played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 version of the Movie and apparently the second book is being adapted for the screen (The Vampire Lestat) and should prove interesting to see!! We meet Lestat in New Orleans as her encounters Louis Du Pointe Du Lac, A torn Vampre still in love with his human form and feelings. he and Lestat share a friendship that eventually tears them apart as a princess child is born to darkness, and she eventually rebels againt Lestat for making her so young. So beging the war of the Vampires which results in Heartache for Louis and the almost demise of Lestat. read the books, see the movies, fall in love with the most seductive Vampires ever written about in Language.