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Up Coming Projects

Here are some of my Upcoming projects for the next while... if you do have any interest in any of these events etc... please contact me if you want any information on them. Some of these are ongoing projects that i am working on. ------FILMS /DIRECTORIAL AND WRITTEN WORK:------ One of my goals is to become a film director/writer. I have written Six Short films,A sextet of short films regarding the importance and underlying emotions that obsess people when dealing with sex and death. So far I am planning Locations and casting for some of these films... but with time and finishing my degree, these films will not be finished until the end of 2003. ------PLAYS:----I am hoping to produce and direct a version of Clive Barker's play "The History of the Devil" next year in Dublin for the Theatre festival. As a student journalist, I find that a bare production of this magnificent play will give me the chance to put forward the message that imagination needs to be revived since the advent of special effects in overdrive of computer generated images on film. I am in devolepment with this idea at present with my best friend and actress Ms. Brogen Hayes who has also co-authored a feature length film with me. We currently have plans to see this film into production within the next year. Ms. Hayes has also penned her own play which is currently being reviewed for production by the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.