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All About Me!

Name: Sorcha
Age: 21
Loves: Music, Reading, Travelling, Friends,Movies!!! Coffee.....
Hates: BUGS!!!!! Rude People
Fave Movies: City Of Angels + Interview with the Vampire, The Shawshank Redemption , American Beauty, Meet Joe Black, Moulin Rouge
Fave Books: Weaveworld + The Vampire Chronicles,
Wants to Date:Jeremy Irons/Pierce Brosnan/Michael Beihn/Cute Intelligent Men! \Joaquin Phoenix
Fave TV Shows: Friends/ X files/ER , Airwolf! and Family Guy/ Simpsons
Home Page Address:
Email me @

hi everyone! this is a page for you to get to know me a little bit better! why i do what i do, what tastes i have and most importantly, what i am interersted in, which probably brought you here in the first place! I shall be adding an image of myself soon to the page so you can see what dubgirl really looks like too! so here it goes! Name: Sorcha Age: 19 Lives: Dublin ( ireland) club address : Loves : good food, movies, books , music ( writing and performing), friends, coffee, the net, star wars, alanis morisette and Frank Sinatra Hates: spiders, bugs in general, no internet,meanness and people who are not loyal!!! star sign : scorpio ( DOB is 30/10/80) fave movies: 1)Titanic/ city of angels interview with a vampire and Merlin plus Sleepy Hollow fave books: my fave book is probably Weaveworld by Clive Barker, and excellent writer who hails from Liverpool. other authors i love include Oscar Wilde, Shakespere ( he is a playwright but he counts) and Anne Rice ( her vampire chronicles are amazing!) Stephen King and the poetry of John Keats and the late great Iris Murdoch. I shall post up more info when i think of it!!! I am Currently reading for a Degree in History and Politics in UCD in Dublin, Ireland and I am hopefully having my directorial debut by the end of this year in a series of short films that i have written. I am travelling to the great city of New Orleans soon and I shall definately post up some of the mad experiences i have with some of the locals there. Finally, I should share that I have a fascination with people who are interested in astronomy and astrology. My heros are Einstein and Gallileo. I visited Salem Mass. and found some of the local witches quite interesting. I read Tarot Cards and Palms occasionally and have a passion for the planets. Chances are if I were to take a pop quiz from the great Patrick Moore (expert Astronomer in England) I would score quite high. In case you are wondering... my fave planet (other than Earth) is Jupiter (look at some of the Nasa Images of it and it will blow your mind!)